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Anti-Semitism is extremely common. A. N. Wilson

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It is so common in middle-class families to consider modelling and acting not serious. Anushka Sharma

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I feel we are all islands - in a common sea. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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We have much more in common with other people than we have apart. Ben Carson

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Our skin colours may vary, but what's upstairs - there's certain things we've all got in common. Billy Gibbons

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My grandmother was a minister as well, which was not that common in the 1930s. Colin Firth

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Common folk didn't have last names in the 8th and 9th centuries. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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Read not Milton, for he is dry; nor Shakespeare, for he wrote of common life. Charles Stuart Calverley

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This is an industry that doesn't have the common cold... It has cholera. Emanuel Azenberg

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The civilized world has a common stake in defeating the terrorists. George P. Shultz

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There is no 'European people' united by common mores. George Will

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Our common liberty is consecrated by a common sorrow. George William Curtis

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Leadership - mobilization toward a common goal. Garry Wills

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Food is a common denominator for all people. Guy Fieri

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I get paid to do what I enjoy, not that common a condition. Ian Hislop

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There is still no cure for the common birthday. John Glenn

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Desire is individual. Happiness is common. Julian Casablancas

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Texans have in common with Australians, in that they are quite strong, hardy people. Jerry Hall

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A common complaint about stories that include excessive coincidence is that the story is 'unrealistic.' Jane Lindskold

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Triceratops is very common: they are the cows of the Cretaceous; they are everywhere. Jack Horner

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I make a list of what I have in common, and what I don't have in common, with someone I'm playing. John Turturro

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It's common for information previously considered unclassified to be upgraded to classified before being publicly released. Jennifer Palmieri

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Whatsoever things common to man, that man has done, man can do. Marcus Garvey

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I'm not posh or common, I'm in between. Martin Freeman

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Humanity is not common in its views. Mitt Romney

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The common denominator is a love of music. Natasha Bedingfield

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The common denominator of all my friends is that they're dead. Peter O'Toole

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We observe closely related species in sympatry and infer how they evolved from a common ancestor. Peter R. Grant

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We have points in common with the FDP, particularly when it comes to tax. Otto Schily

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We have a huge amount of DNA in common with jellyfish. Richard Dawkins

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