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I always gravitate towards characters that are so opposite of me. Aaron Paul

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Characters don't belong to anyone, not even the person who plays them. Antonio Banderas

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For 'Game of Thrones,' I realized immediately that it was about the characters. Alex Graves

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Few characters in history are indispensable. Albert Bushnell Hart

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All of my characters are less than perfect. Barbara Park

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For me it's a compliment, playing baddie characters. I take it as a compliment. Ben Mendelsohn

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I don't have acknowledged preferences of characters. Christian Bale

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There are bits of me in all my characters. Chris Lilley

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After Shakespeare, Dickens is the great creator of characters, multiple characters. Claire Tomalin

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Storylines are how characters create the plots involved in their stories. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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I'm the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters. Donald Trump

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Sketches have characters, exits, entrances and are vastly different. David Cross

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I like characters who are contradictory. David Bergen

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During my career I've enjoyed re-invigorating and contextualizing classic characters that are relatable to contemporary audiences. David S. Goyer

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I don't plot my novels - I move along with my characters. Ellen Potter

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Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters. Gordon Ramsay

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Adam Sandler is truly brilliant. He plays these goofy characters, but he is a brilliant fellow. Henry Winkler

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Aaron Echolls is one of the best characters that I've ever played. Harry Hamlin

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I don't like sympathetic characters. Howard Barker

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I've played many characters that have consumed me and owned me. Irrfan Khan

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A lot of my characters are anti-heroes that became heroes. Irvine Welsh

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I don't do jokes. The characters are my jokes. Jonathan Winters

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I love inventing worlds and characters and settings and scenarios. Jerry B. Jenkins

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If the characters are compelling, readers will follow anywhere. Jojo Moyes

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I have a thing for working with wounded characters. Jane Jensen

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There's something really satisfying if you've created a bunch of characters that have withstood 25 episodes. Jonathan Tropper

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Clearly, I'm drawn to characters with inner conflicts. Jacqueline Carey

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None of my characters have really had jobs. Lauren Graham

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It is fun to explore these kick-butt characters. Liam Neeson

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