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I am trying to cultivate the notion that constantly misplacing one's cell phone is a charming eccentricity... my children aren't buying it. Alice McDermott

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If you use a cell phone - as I do - your wireless carrier likely has records about your physical movements going back months, if not years. Al Franken

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I only used a cell phone for the first time after I was released. I had difficulty coping with it because it seemed so small and insubstantial. Aung San Suu Kyi

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'Dial Star' is about an aspiring actress who finds the cell phone of AnnaLynne McCord and impersonates her. AnnaLynne McCord

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You'd be surprised how difficult it is relinquish a cell phone. Adrien Brody

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Berlin would be a great place to have no cell phone, I think. Especially if you were able to live in a central location. Alex Ebert

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I think most people in the developed world would admit to carrying some sort of handheld device, whether it's a laptop or a cell phone, at all times. Alexis Denisof

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I dress like a boy most of the time because I like what's comfortable, so sometimes when I have to wear dresses and makeup, it's kind of comedic. I take lots of pictures on my cell phone: 'Look, I'm dressed like a girl! Surprise!' Analeigh Tipton

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I don't even have a cell phone. I don't know how they work. Andre Previn

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With the advent of cell phones, especially with the very small microphone that attach to the cell phone itself, it's getting harder and harder I find, to differentiate between schizophrenics and people talking on a cell phone. Bob Newhart

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It's getting harder and harder to differentiate between schizophrenics and people talking on a cell phone. It still brings me up short to walk by somebody who appears to be talking to themselves. Bob Newhart

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I was extremely curious growing up. I taught myself how to sew, French braid, and cook. When I wasn't creating things with my hands, I was learning more about tech. I was experimenting with email at nine, had my first cell phone at 13, and was truly obsessed with the Internet as a teenager. Brit Morin

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It's not good enough for us to have generations of kids that... look forward to a better version of a cell phone with a video in it. They need to look forward to exploration. Burt Rutan

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Millennials regularly draw ire for their cell phone usage. They're mobile natives, having come of age when landlines were well on their way out and payphones had gone the way of dinosaurs. Because of their native fluency, Millennials recognize mobile phones can do a whole lot more than make calls, enable texting between friends or tweeting. Chelsea Clinton

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When someone takes a private photo, on a private cell phone, it should remain just that: private. Chuck Schumer

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Famous people are deceptive. Deep down, they're just regular people. Like Larry King. We've been friends for forty years. He's one of the few guys I know who's really famous. One minute he's talking to the president on his cell phone, and then the next minute he's saying to me, 'Do you think we ought to give the waiter another dollar?' Don Rickles

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We know that people are less open in conversations if the other conversant puts a cell phone on the table. Even if it's turned off. The sign is enough to close the mind and make a prospective client or lover less likely to do what you ask. As people realize this, they'll start putting away phones or turning them off. Douglas Rushkoff

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I think you learn something from everybody that you've worked with. I really learned how to behave on set through the people that I worked with, like the importance of being on time and the importance of being professional. I don't bring my cell phone on set; I leave it in my trailer. Dakota Fanning

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We initially targeted pager networks, which have been suffering for the last decade due to cell phone sales. David Rose

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My two must-haves are my cell phone and my MacBook Pro laptop, which allows me to update my Web site from wherever I am, whether I'm in Africa or in Sun Valley skiing. Daryn Kagan

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The way we're attached to our phones these days, they buzz and twitch in our pockets, and we have to look and see if it was a text, a voicemail, or an e-mail. We're almost like lab rats. I tried to eschew the whole cell phone theory until I had kids; then, I had to be reachable at all times. Eddie Vedder

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If an NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, etc analyst has access to query raw SIGINT databases, they can enter and get results for anything they want. Phone number, email, user id, cell phone handset id (IMEI), and so on - it's all the same. Edward Snowden

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I do think there is a lot of potential if you have a compelling product and people are willing to pay a premium for that. I think that is what Apple has shown. You can buy a much cheaper cell phone or laptop, but Apple's product is so much better than the alternative, and people are willing to pay that premium. Elon Musk

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Recently I was directing an episode of 'Glee' and I lost my cell phone - and I didn't have time to buy a new one for three weeks. Well, the first few days I was anxious as hell, suffered the delirium tremens, didn't think I could make it through, etc. Then something kind of curious happened - I began to feel great. Eric Stoltz

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My cell phone bill and my cable gets cut off all the time. Not because I don't have the money, but because I just forget to pay my bills. Erin Cummings

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The most important impact on society and the world is the cell phone. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements. Fabrice Grinda

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I have a friend that has five kids and she went through a trial separation with her husband, and she didn't have time to be upset. Every now and then, she'd call me on the cell phone and just cry. Faith Ford

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I like to talk on the cell when I do interviews. That way, I double my chances of getting brain cancer: from the cell phone, and from the questions. Garry Shandling

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You have to take into account it was the cell phone that became what the modern-day concept of a phone call is, and this is a device that's attached to your hip 24/7. Before that there was 'leave a message' and before that there was 'hopefully you're home.' Giovanni Ribisi

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I'm old fashioned with my cell phone. I like that human contact and I think it's important. Giovanni Ribisi

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