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You have to be able to fail with the improv. You have to not care. Adam McKay

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First off, no one award-wise ever rewards comedy, which is... whatever. I don't care about that. Adam McKay

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I got the sense that Alabama is a place where people don't want handouts and don't much care for people talking out of the side of their mouth. Adam McKay

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Why do investors seem to care about 'billion dollar exits?' Historically, top venture funds have driven returns from their ownership in just a few companies in a given fund of many companies. Aileen Lee

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I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed. Alan Ball

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The idea behind 'Defending Your Life': Imagine if you had to sit in a courtroom and watch your life. I don't care who you are - if you committed a crime and you had to have all of your emails searched and made public, who on this planet could survive that? Nobody. Albert Brooks

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Sane judgment abhors nothing so much as a picture perpetrated with no technical knowledge, although with plenty of care and diligence. Albrecht Durer

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We survived on natural resources, so we should take care of the earth. When I leave home, I do things like switching off the heat and lights. Alek Wek

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The market always, in theory at least, looks ahead. And it's always trying to take in every bit of information that it can as quickly as it can. You don't really care so much if the company made a dollar last year; you want to know what it's going to make this year. Alex Berenson

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Maybe I'll take a little better care of myself, but I wouldn't count on it. Alex Trebek

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I think the new generations in America, the America's youth, no longer care about Vietnam. They don't want to hear any more about it. Alexander Haig

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To be occasionally quoted is the only fame I care for. Alexander Smith

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Our babies are like penguins; penguin babies can't exist unless more than one person is taking care of them. They just can't keep going. Alison Gopnik

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My soul desires a pre-industrial world, and since I can't have that, I don't really care for anything material. Alison Moyet

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I'm probably a believer in abandoning too-big-to-fail firms or breaking them up in some way so that the system can try to take care of itself. I imagine you're not going to get there, and therefore, I suspect regulation is what's going to be required. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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I don't care if you're Republican or a Democrat or a Liberal, getting crucified for the way you think or believe, obviously if it's not hurting anyone, it's just Un-American. Angie Harmon

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When I am on stage, I give everything. Maybe because of that, I won't last long, but I don't care. Anna Netrebko

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Being a barber is about taking care of the people. Anthony Hamilton

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I'd rather have friends who care than friends who agree with me. Arlo Guthrie

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It is very important that we take care of our health. Armaan Malik

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Hillary Clinton's radical attempts at so-called reform of the nation's health care system would have been more destructive than even Obamacare has been. Asa Hutchinson

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I don't care if my books don't sell abroad; we have a large enough market in our country. I write for Indian readers. Ashwin Sanghi

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We should always care for the minorities and be attentive towards their welfare. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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Some people care too much. I think it's called love. A. A. Milne

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We lived together as kids, and now we're taking care of each other as men. Aaron Neville

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If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or representation. Abigail Adams

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The bottom line: health care reform is about the patient, not about the physician. Abraham Verghese

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I have no connection with Hollywood. I'm not interested. I don't care. Adam Carolla

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My movies just kind of sneak up on you. I don't have to worry too much about what everybody is going to say. Anyway, I really don't pay attention to what the world says about my movies. I just care about what my buddies think. Adam Sandler

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I think one of the defining moments of adulthood is the realization that nobody's going to take care of you. That you have to do the heavy lifting while you're here. And when you don't, well, you suffer the consequences. Adam Savage

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