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As a result of the awareness and consciousness of decline, an awareness and consciousness of a national ethnicity or an Islamic identity also came into being. Abdolkarim Soroush

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I'm fiercely independent, but I'm also terrified of being alone. Adam Levine

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I don't like being a celebrity. Alain Ducasse

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It's an awful feeling, being hungry. Alek Wek

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Being a role model is a privilege. Allyson Felix

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Being in the dark, there's a real weight to it. It's heavy. Amanda Lindhout

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There's quite a few artists that didn't pop off until they were a little older - Rick James being one. Anderson Paak

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My prayers are being answered for my career. These are prayers I've been praying for as a kid. Andra Day

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Being number two sucks. Andre Agassi

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The learning curve is 'The Hobbit' is being shot in 3D. Andy Serkis

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Just being an ape is a workout. Andy Serkis

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Being a parent is amazing. Angela Kinsey

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It's been quite an experience, being conservative and living in the North East. Ann Romney

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I love being busy, and I love having a lot going on; it's exciting. Annette Bening

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I'm a total goof. When I'm being really comfortable with my friends, I can be very goofy. Ansel Elgort

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I have no illusions of being an icon to young girls or anybody. Anushka Sharma

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I really wanted 'NH10' to be made, and being associated with it eased the entire process. Anushka Sharma

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I don't mind being a Disney girl. Ashley Tisdale

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I love being home at Christmastime. Ashley Tisdale

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Many are ambitious of saying grand things, that is, of being grandiloquent. Augustus Hare

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I have never had the need or thrill for being wealthy. Azim Premji

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One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. A. A. Milne

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Being a geek is all about learning the inventories of things. Adam Savage

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Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable. Adolf Loos

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I've spent my entire career being a satirist. Al Franken

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I have absolutely no plans and no expectations of ever being a candidate again. Al Gore

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Listening is being able to be changed by the other person. Alan Alda

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I have a strong preference for being alive. Alan Alda

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