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All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher. Ambrose Bierce

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To be able to analyze plays and novels is so relevant to acting. Holliday Grainger

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We journalists are never so idiotic as when we analyze things that we shouldn't be analyzing. Joe Klein

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We are not won by arguments that we can analyze, but by tone and temper; by the manner, which is the man himself. Louis D. Brandeis

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I don't analyze things all the time, I just do them. Kathleen Kennedy

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Be able to analyze statistics, which can be used to support or undercut almost any argument. Marilyn vos Savant

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War is not a petri dish to examine and analyze our emotions. Richard Engel

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The method of nature: who could ever analyze it? Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Don't just analyze a problem - solve it. Robert Zoellick

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We don't analyze our lyrics. Santiago Durango

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Physicists analyze systems. Web scientists, however, can create the systems. Tim Berners-Lee

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I don't analyze things like titles. Tommy Lee Jones

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