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We must erase bin Laden's ugly legacy, not extend it: by ending the Patriot Act's erosion of our civil liberties, we can protect the freedoms that make America worth fighting for. Aaron Swartz

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In England or America, actors do not have to cater to an image. In India, it is almost demanded of us. Very seldom do you get a film where you can walk away from your image. Abhishek Bachchan

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'The Voice' is built on positivity. Once we started filming, I knew that America was really going to love it. Adam Levine

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Everything in America is so stratified by class now. We have the 93rd level of income inequality in the world. You're already seeing highway lanes that are for pay and ones that aren't. Adam McKay

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It's one thing to break stuff and damage people's possessions, but when you start aiming at the ideology of America, that's dangerous comedy. Adam McKay

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It's Will Ferrell, he does Will Ferrell movies. But if you really look at it, he tries to do something different with each one, whether it's an action cop movie like 'The Other Guys' or doing 'Talladega Nights' going into red state America or 'Casa de Mi Padre' or 'Stranger Than Fiction,' which is more of a drama. Adam McKay

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The Mall Of America, outside Minneapolis, is just a mall. Yeah, it's big. So, like, instead of your typical 12 Starbucks, there are 30. Adam Schlesinger

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Theater people are always pining and agonizing because they're afraid that they'll be forgotten. And in America they're quite right. They will be. Agnes de Mille

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I accommodated practically all of the liberation movements, including those of Latin America. Ahmed Ben Bella

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I can say now: all the combatants who participated in the fight for freedom in South America came to Algeria; it's from there that all those who fought left. We trained them, we arranged for the weapons to reach them, we created networks. Ahmed Ben Bella

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Personally, I have been enriched by my experiences in Egypt and America, and feel fortunate to have been endowed with a true passion for knowledge. Ahmed Zewail

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Watching the scenes out of New Orleans, if you turn down the sound it could be the Sudan or any Third World country. But it's not. it's the United States of America. Al Roker

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Most of America never noticed, but the 1990s were good times for trailer homes, a.k.a. manufactured housing. From 1991 to 1998, annual sales of manufactured homes more than doubled, to 374,000 from 174,000. Alex Berenson

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America Online, of course, is a master of the hard sell, from stuffing mailboxes with free trial offers to forcing subscribers to click through ads before they can get their e-mail. Alex Berenson

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Donald Trump, an oft-bankrupt make-believe mogul clown with a television show where he pretends to fire America's saddest former celebrities, is one of the Republican Party's most prominent national figures because he is on TV and people have heard of him. Alex Pareene

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We are actually a very rich country with a lot of resources and the ability to do almost whatever we want. We could eliminate poverty in America by spending a fraction of what we spend on defense. Alex Pareene

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I think the new generations in America, the America's youth, no longer care about Vietnam. They don't want to hear any more about it. Alexander Haig

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Recently, my personal advisors have been telling me to go to America. Actually, people have been walking up to me in the street and telling me to sod off, but that's the same thing, isn't it? Alexei Sayle

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We don't have a laugh track, which helped Seinfeld a lot, and did kind of tell people when to laugh. It just made it a lot easier. Our show doesn't have that, so it's hard for Middle America to catch on. Alia Shawkat

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America is a place where you can be born into a low-income household but still lift yourself up, and it doesn't matter what color you are. Alphonso Jackson

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They take pride in their schools. They begin to participate, where, when they are renters, they don't do that. So what we're doing by this program is strengthening America. Alphonso Jackson

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I have a dream that America will pray and God will forgive us our sins. Alveda King

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America wants solutions. America wants a leader. No more tabloid politics. Alveda King

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Protesting is good, but healing is better. We need to see America heal. Alveda King

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America, we need to pray and lead from our spirits and not our emotions - and definitely not with our weapons. Alveda King

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We're actually making stuff in America now. We're exporting stuff. We're inventing things. Amy Klobuchar

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Every audience has its character; I like America - they love me. I suffer from stage fright, but in America not so much. Andrea Bocelli

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What if lawmakers never spoke to their constituents? Oddly enough, that's exactly how corporate America operates. Shareholders vote for directors, but the directors rarely, if ever, communicate with them. Andrew Ross Sorkin

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Egypt's problem is that you've got an economy that works for about 40 million people, only you have 90 million people. The answer to the Egyptian problem is not guns, but jobs. We've got to find a private-sector, nongovernmental, aggressive way of creating jobs. That's not America's role totally. Andrew Young

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I'm not trying to do anything except entertain America. Andy Kindler

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