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I never thought of myself as being handsome or good-looking or whatever. (Jul 02 2021) Elton John

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We are people in circumstances who make choices that we think are right at the time. (Jul 01 2021) Joel Edgerton

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What amazes me is how far some people will go to justify their behavior to themselves, just to preserve that self-perception. (Jun 30 2021) Christopher Golden

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I've also become much more the musician I've always wanted to be. (Jun 29 2021) John Fogerty

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If you put music into your Vine, and it's really jumpy, just do it over again. (Jun 28 2021) Maisie Williams

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The concept of doing holiday episodes is a huge part of what's fantastic about doing TV. And viewers agree; you see the numbers going up for holiday episodes. (Jun 27 2021) Dan Harmon

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I couldn't care less about sex unless I meet someone who I think is wonderful. (Jun 26 2021) Kirstie Alley

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I think laptops should be banned from schools. Until you can prove you can add up on your fingers or think independently in your head, you have learnt nothing. (Jun 25 2021) Joanna Lumley

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Indeed, the existence of class, of social hierarchy, is as old as man himself. It prevails in the jungle where strength determines hierarchy; among men, it has also been savagely the same, whereby rulers vested with power through personal combat, or through lineal heritage as in the case of royalty, ravage their subjects. (Jun 24 2021) F. Sionil Jose

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Limitations can be hugely creative and hugely inspiring - so long as they are the ones you choose for yourself. I will not allow anyone to take anything off my palette, but if I do, then within that, I can be creative. (Jun 23 2021) Patrick Ness

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I know when I was little, having my Thai mom, even I was weird about fish sauce and fish heads and clams. I kind of sided with my dad because he was a big American guy. So, we were very meat and potatoes, but I really wish I had grown up appreciating my mom's taste a bit more. (Jun 22 2021) Chrissy Teigen

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'Atlantic City' is very good. (Jun 21 2021) Peter Capaldi

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I was reading a lot of European history, and I thought Attila the Hun had gotten a bad rap. (Jun 20 2021) Katherine Dunn

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The federal government should not be an accessory to the unconstitutional actions of the Arizona state government. By continuing to work with Arizona police departments operating under SB 1070, the Department is implicitly condoning the shameful tactics authorized by the new law. (Jun 19 2021) Lucille Roybal-Allard

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You look at, like, a 'People' magazine, which used to be a really good, you know, nice magazine you could go to for real stories. It wasn't like a 'Star' or an 'US Weekly' and they have somebody with plastic surgery on the cover, Heidi Montag. And it's obviously what consumers want, because why else would they be doing it? (Jun 18 2021) Chelsea Handler

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I believe the more important thing is your mind and your heart. Those two things are the most ignored parts of our beings. (Jun 17 2021) Toni Collette

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I can hear someone's voice once, and I can pretty much mimic them. Not to make fun, but I can do an impression of them pretty well. (Jun 16 2021) Brittany Snow

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Well, it takes a certain amount of money. And I've got to see pictures of the person ahead of time. If I don't like the way the person looks I won't do it. (Jun 15 2021) Helmut Newton

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I think Americans understand that in Afghanistan, unlike in Iraq and Vietnam, we are fighting an enemy allied with the people who attacked us on 9/11. (Jun 14 2021) Richard Holbrooke

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I wouldn't say I'm a hostile person. (Jun 13 2021) Paz de la Huerta

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Our culture is not this thing to be seen from a distance. We need to be embracing the friction of it all - that is where the energy is. (Jun 12 2021) Doug Aitken

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Movies like 'The Abyss' and 'Jaws' make people think the ocean is threatening. It's not. It's very tranquil. (Jun 11 2021) Graham Hawkes

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I was very famous as a young man and I celebrated both the good and bad times with drinking. (Jun 10 2021) Glenn Hughes

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I think we're getting to the point where everyone's getting fat and everyone's getting allergic, or claims to be allergic to something and people can't walk from their front door to their car without a bottle of water in their hand because they have to hydrate every three and half steps. (Jun 09 2021) Adam Carolla

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I don't think an artist should keep themselves categorized in a specific box. (Jun 08 2021) Sean Kingston

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I know an actor who would play one type of part but could never get cast as tough. Once he got cast as tough, as a cop, he only got offered cop roles. It's a funny business in that regard. It's all about perception. (Jun 07 2021) Paul Dano

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The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. (Jun 06 2021) William Wordsworth

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You could say that everything the musicians have learned and known over the years, all of their technical resources, are in a dialogue with the things they are discovering every time, as if it was the first time. (Jun 05 2021) Fred Frith

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I think back to my time in children's television, back in the 1970s, and the amount of innovation that was going on then. Because the mass market wasn't focused on it, so you had a freedom to do amazing things, like 'Vision On,' and 'Tiswas.' (Jun 04 2021) Sylvester McCoy

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I don't want to be embarrassed when I go to see something on the screen. I don't want to listen to foul language, watch a lot of violence or see something immoral. I prefer stories with sensitivity and family values; films that strive to lift you up to a higher place in life. (Jun 03 2021) Debra Paget

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