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Characters who don't suffer have no interest to me. (Aug 12 2022) Kate Christensen

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I was depressed as a child. I found it hard to make friends. My favourite thing was locking myself in the bathroom and practising comedy routines. (Aug 11 2022) David Walliams

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'Come out' is so funny to me because I've never been in. (Aug 10 2022) Adam Lambert

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As an actor, you ask yourself what you can do to put yourself in a position where you can play that role. (Aug 09 2022) Jeremy Northam

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My parents reverted to their Catholic faith through the charismatic renewal, so I was raised charismatic. (Aug 08 2022) Regina Doman

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I first became interested in style when I was 16 and I had my first couple of gigs. I realised I couldn't look like the people I was performing to. Not in a condescending way, but just that it would be weird if I was wearing exactly what someone in the crowd was wearing. (Aug 07 2022) Tinie Tempah

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Donors need to know what their money is being used for. (Aug 06 2022) Michel Martelly

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I think we have some serious problems now, but, if you look back over the last thirty or forty years that my book deals with, I think we are in better shape now than we would have been if all of those cases had not come down. (Aug 05 2022) Floyd Abrams

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I used to pray to God that I wouldn't get breasts. Then in my teens, I tried to be quite feminine. (Aug 03 2022) Ruby Rose

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Bad things happen when you try to let things just happen. You can't be passive. (Aug 02 2022) Euny Hong

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Bad faith likes discourse on friendship and loyalty. (Aug 01 2022) Mason Cooley

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Let us put theology out of religion. Theology has always sent the worst to heaven, the best to hell. (Jul 31 2022) Robert Green Ingersoll

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A string of excited, fugitive, miscellaneous pleasures is not happiness; happiness resides in imaginative reflection and judgment, when the picture of one's life, or of human life, as it truly has been or is, satisfies the will, and is gladly accepted. (Jul 30 2022) George Santayana

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Make sure to save for the future and keep making money! (Jul 29 2022) Jam Master Jay

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I hate to tell you this, but I did not even like visiting Versailles. I found it just too ornate. It was like a complete diet of cotton candy, marzipan, and whipped cream. It gave me the mental equivalent of one of those toothaches you get when you bite into something too sweet. (Jul 28 2022) Kathryn Lasky

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Shakespeare's taught me that there are more words in the English language than I have got in my head. (Jul 27 2022) Zoe Wanamaker

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The fact that we walked away from the Middle East, as distasteful as it was for us to stay involved and prevent wars, based on our long involvement there, we have helped to create and provide a foundation. Obviously for ISIS and also for the absolute barbarianism and human catastrophe that Assad impacted on his people. (Jul 26 2022) Jack Keane

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All I know is that as an audience member, I am less and less inclined to go to the theater. (Jul 25 2022) Shane Carruth

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What interests me about life most is people, and the why of the world. That's what theatre looks at: it examines life, and gives it a cohesiveness that life doesn't have. (Jul 24 2022) Helen McCrory

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Cynically but accurately put, Americans oppose public intervention or regulation if it helps others, but favor it if it helps them - take social security, disaster relief, public works projects, for example. (Jul 23 2022) Jon Meacham

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I don't consciously do anything to maintain a unique voice. (Jul 22 2022) Thomas Perry

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Everyone I look up to is bringing me into the tech world. You'd be surprised by all the music people in it, invested in it. (Jul 21 2022) DJ Khaled

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I wouldn't say that there's ever been an Olympic champion that didn't deserve to win an Olympic Gold Medal. (Jul 20 2022) Dorothy Hamill

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I think I am a writer, but professionally I feel drawn to and suited for directing. (Jul 19 2022) Mary Stuart Masterson

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If a guy's got it, let him give it. I'm selling music, not prejudice. (Jul 18 2022) Benny Goodman

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Personally, I'm a V-neck guy. (Jul 17 2022) James Harden

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Usually when I am approached to do a score for a horror movie, it's to attempt a repeat performance of what I did way back on 'Hellraiser' or 'Jennifer 8' - one of those really orchestral scores. (Jul 16 2022) Christopher Young

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I remember so many times taking classes and feeling completely discouraged because I felt like I wasn't getting it and I couldn't understand. I kept working at it and I kept going back to class, and I wouldn't let myself get intimidated or get scared away, and it really does pay off. (Jul 15 2022) Meaghan Rath

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Death is a zero sum game for which there is no cure. (Jul 14 2022) S. Jay Olshansky

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If you want a dancer's body, dance. Dance aerobics is my favourite cardio. It's very frustrating if people think you have to become a dancer to do it - you don't. (Jul 13 2022) Tracy Anderson

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