Xavier Dolan

All my life, I heard, 'Stop daydreaming,' 'Get over yourself,' 'You'll never get there,' 'Aim lower,' 'You'll hurt yourself,' from teachers, family, and friends.Xavier Dolan

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I've been recording forever. I'm a watcher. I'm a stalker. I love everything about people. It's always been a passion for me to observe.Xavier Dolan

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Homosexuality is like an inside baseball thing. It's like a gag that people share; 'How is your husband?' But when it comes to bringing diversity to a broader audience, suddenly it's a different road. It's what we call 'a risk.' Isn't it our responsibility to elevate the standards and change people's perceptions?Xavier Dolan

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The motivation for making movies is that people actually see them.Xavier Dolan

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It was a privilege to direct the music video for Adele's beautiful, heartbreaking song, 'Hello.' When I first heard it, all the images appeared clearly in my head - and her trust and generosity allowed me to work with abandon artistically and emotionally, like she always does. It made me extremely proud.Xavier Dolan

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The father figure doesn't impress me. I have a very friendly relationship with my father, but that wasn't always the case. My mother had custody, and I only saw him every other weekend. I never knew him well enough for him to inspire me.Xavier Dolan

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I feel like Adele is a diva. Not in the bad way. She is one of the greatest voices of this industry and of her own art. What she offers is so unique that she's risen to such a status that very few artists can enjoy.Xavier Dolan

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Cinema is a thankless industry where sometimes to appear on the cinematic scenery is a thing for late bloomers and people who are very patient. The places are accounted, and the space is often unwelcoming. Money is rare, and independent voices are muted by the almost complete absence of risk takers.Xavier Dolan

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For me, hipsterism is for one to appropriate the codes of a social class or another milieu that wasn't theirs originally, in order to define their personality through something different and unique. Which is why a lot of hipsters live downtown, and they're dressed as farmers. Then you have the Oscar Wilde hipster: the dandy.Xavier Dolan

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I was a very violent kid. I think movies and writing and art have been a way of channeling this.Xavier Dolan

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No one knows me in the States because the movies have been released in such an awkward, irregular fashion, all by different distributors. There is no continuity.Xavier Dolan

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Film-making is not liberating. It drains a lot out of you, and it's fulfilling only temporarily. It's a very thankless thing at times. When you're spending all that time on a film, you don't want 40,000 people to see it - it's just not enough. You dream of more.Xavier Dolan

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I don't personally do movies for myself and a faction of very cerebral cinephiles - I do it for everybody and wish for the largest amount of people to relish whatever they find they can relish in.Xavier Dolan

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I love doing costumes. The costume is an actor's first line, so it's gotta be right!Xavier Dolan

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Here's the thing with the costumes for 'Mommy': Given the background and social strata that the characters come from, you can't really imagine that they've gone shopping lately, so we went for that very normcore, fashionless era in history, the early 2000s, which was completely transitional.Xavier Dolan

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The nature and the DNA of IMAX has been redefined in the past years to shoot these huge blockbusters. But I think that it's not the sole purpose of IMAX to capture cars exploding in your face.Xavier Dolan

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I design all of the costumes for my movies, actually.Xavier Dolan

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Orson Welles was lazy. He was a late bloomer.Xavier Dolan

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Of all the labels and tags and epithets people have forced upon me, there's one I don't dislike. I get called the 'enfant terrible.' In every article, it's always there. So I have to give that a meaning.Xavier Dolan

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When I first got to Cannes, I was very insecure about everything, so I put on this extravagant facade. Can you blame me? I was 19.Xavier Dolan

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I plough all my money into my next film, so I never actually have any money. It's always invisible.Xavier Dolan

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I hadn't watched any Hitchcock movies when I made 'Tom at the Farm,' except for 'Vertigo' when I was 8 years old. I don't have a sophisticated film knowledge, but I have seen the legacy of classic movies in broader entertainment.Xavier Dolan

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In 'Laurence Anyways,' Nathalie Baye is Laurence's mother, and she is quite an awful mother. Still, she is the only one in the end who truly accepts her daughter.Xavier Dolan

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I don't really mind not being a part of a film - because if there is no part for me, I will never force myself upon a film. I feel like it's just a distraction. If it is not organically incorporated into the story, it just feels like a stupid appearance, like a sort of wink. I hate that.Xavier Dolan

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It's important to see how people see your work and how they feel about it. I know a lot of directors who are like, 'I never read reviews,' and I'm like, 'Yeah I can tell.'Xavier Dolan

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I have struggles in screenwriting that lead me to a third act that's always more or less efficiently wrapped up in a fourth act that's trying to give closure to too many things.Xavier Dolan

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To me, the idea of success is to be able to work with people you admire.Xavier Dolan

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My extreme characters are in a state of rebellion or who are being ostracized or being misunderstood, or misfits or trying to fit in and fighting for their rights to love, live, and co-exist. They sort of mirror my own demons.Xavier Dolan

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I don't have mom issues or dad issues. I think I have found peace about many things in my past. I have forgiven and asked to be forgiven.Xavier Dolan

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I'm very much a hypochondriac, worried about dying, and not having enough time to work with the people I want to work with and being fulfilled as an actor.Xavier Dolan

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