X. J. Kennedy

My real name is Joe Kennedy, but if you live in Massachusetts, you can't sign 'Joe Kennedy.' So, back in 1957, I stuck the X on my name to be different from those people in Hyannis Port.X. J. Kennedy

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I don't think anybody is a poet 24/7, only in those rare moments when a person is producing a poem.X. J. Kennedy

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As a writer given to the old formalities of rhyme and meter, I sometimes feel endangered these days.X. J. Kennedy

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To me, a poem that's in rhyme and meter is the difference between watching a film in full color and watching a film in black and white. Not that a few black and white films aren't wonderful. So are certain successful pieces of free verse.X. J. Kennedy

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I like poems where you don't really know whether to laugh or cry when you read them.X. J. Kennedy

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The attitude that poetry should not be analyzed is prevalent among many who consider themselves experts on children's literature. But I suspected that kids like to look closely at things and figure out what makes them go.X. J. Kennedy

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