Ueli Gegenschatz

I started with paragliding. Paragliding is taking off from mountains with a paraglider, with the possibility to fly cross-country, distance, just with the use of thermals to soar. Also, different aerobatic maneuvers are possible with a paraglider. From there, I started with skydiving.Ueli Gegenschatz

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Skysurfing is skydiving with a board on the feet. You can imagine with this big surface of a skysurfing board, there is a lot of force, a lot of power. Of course, I can use this power, for example, for nice spinning - we call it 'helicopter moves.'Ueli Gegenschatz

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From regular, relative skydiving, I went on to freeflying. Freeflying is more the three-dimensional skydiving.Ueli Gegenschatz

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BASE jumping is skydiving from fixed objects, like buildings, antennae, bridges and earth - meaning mountains, cliffs. It's for sure - for me - it's the ultimate feeling of being in free fall, with all the visual references.Ueli Gegenschatz

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