Tina Brown

I'm trying to be entertaining without being mean.Tina Brown

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In the end, Dan Rather's legend skewered him, CBS and the craft of journalism.Tina Brown

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In TV, you always feel you are standing on the tracks of an oncoming train.Tina Brown

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Nothing is better for a young journalist than to go and write about something that other people don't know about. If you can afford to send yourself to some foreign part, I still think that's by far the best way to break in.Tina Brown

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The cloud that descended on Black Rock on Monday was not for the past but the future. How much will this debacle chill the pursuit of other risky investigations?Tina Brown

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To win respect, the networks seem to feel they have to keep absurdly overstating their anchors' reporting cred.Tina Brown

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TV journalism is a much more collaborative, horizontal business than print reporting. It has to be, because of the logistics. Anchors are wholly dependent on producers to do all the hustling.Tina Brown

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There are a multitude of mothers in the world who have a daughter who is stolen, or who are stolen daughters themselves.Tina Brown

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Not everyone has the survival skills of William Jefferson Clinton.Tina Brown

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Now everyone leaking and tweeting and posting on everyone else is the acknowledged way to get ahead in the 21st century.Tina Brown

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Voters seem to understand what a big waste of time trying to change Washington is.Tina Brown

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Back in his Chicago Senate days, when he was seeking greater black credibility, Obama was happy enough to attend the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ.Tina Brown

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'Worshipping in private,' as Obama does, comes off as just another form of annoying elitism.Tina Brown

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Along with all those books about Lincoln, Obama might read some biographies of Napoleon. The general who established the Legion d'Honneur understood that people fought as much for medals as for morals.Tina Brown

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I know as much as anyone how much her most fervent supporters want Hillary Clinton to run for president.Tina Brown

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The first black president was a hotter plot line than the first woman president.Tina Brown

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Being president, you may have more power than anyone else in the country, but you quickly discover that you have much, much less than you thought you'd have going in. You're hamstrung in ways you never dreamed of.Tina Brown

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'Vogue' celebrates plenty of women of substance.Tina Brown

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Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the Obamacare tech nightmare is how wholly predictable it all was. Anyone who has been involved in building the most rudimentary of web operations knows nothing ever works as it's supposed to. Even awesome Apple, mighty Microsoft, and gargantuan Google miss deadlines.Tina Brown

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In today's gig economy, where jobs have been replaced by 'portfolios of projects,' most people find themselves doing more things less well for two-thirds of the money.Tina Brown

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Obamacare is the wildly complex Rube Goldberg contraption it is because getting the legislation through Congress required so many political tradeoffs and so many unavoidable deals with so many vested interests. But that's no excuse.Tina Brown

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The comptroller of New York City ought to have all the characteristics of a major corporation's CFO - quiet rigor, obsessive care for detail, incorruptible judgment, an ability to work assiduously behind the scenes with the key stakeholders.Tina Brown

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Let's face it: innovation in the U.S. is now the province of our thriving city-states. We all know that nothing happens in Washington anymore.Tina Brown

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We've heard a lot in recent polemic about how to win the fight for the corner office. But pushing up against a glass ceiling is practically a luxury when you consider the millions of women who can feel the floor dropping beneath their feet.Tina Brown

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An enormous number of mothers in the U.S. are working double time, graveyard shifts, and more than one job just to put food on the table for their kids.Tina Brown

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Bill Clinton, talking about the need to financially empower wives and mothers in regressive countries, once remarked that women have 'the responsibility gene.' No one has that gene more markedly than his wife.Tina Brown

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Give Obama a script he has made his own, and he is the motivational speaker to end all speakers. Tony Robbins cloned with Honest Abe.Tina Brown

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The rights of women are to the 21st century what civil rights were to the 20th.Tina Brown

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Servility always curdles into rage in the end.Tina Brown

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Washington's Alfalfa Club dinner is a populist's nightmare.Tina Brown

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