Tadashi Yanai

We are a country of artisans and a country of manufacturing. I think Japanese textile technology is the best in the world.Tadashi Yanai

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People say that globalisation has negative aspects, but I don't believe globalisation is bad. It's criticised from a western perspective, but if you put yourself in the shoes of people in the developing world, it provides an unprecedented opportunity.Tadashi Yanai

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It is clothes. It is parts. Therefore, you combine the parts differently to create your own unique expression.Tadashi Yanai

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The Asian brand, which I admire for having become a global success, is Samsung. In comparison, we're just starting, but I believe that we at Uniqlo will be the next Asian brand to do well globally.Tadashi Yanai

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Americans believe cotton is best, but we've invented new fabrics that will change your lifestyle.Tadashi Yanai

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More than trends, consumers need functionality. Everything needs an element of fashion, but that's more like a spice.Tadashi Yanai

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As a businessperson, I don't have the power to change the government. That is in the hands of the political leaders. However, as a taxpayer, we have the right to be critical of the government and demand change.Tadashi Yanai

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Opening new stores outside of Japan is important, but training our employees is even more important.Tadashi Yanai

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The air of the English is down-to-earth. They care about details; there's a tradition, but there's also a counter-culture: the younger generation versus the older generation and so on. But then that's well blended into a happy balance and crystallised into common sense.Tadashi Yanai

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I'm afraid Japanese people tend to collective hysteria.Tadashi Yanai

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The world's major metropolitan cities are more or less the same.Tadashi Yanai

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Politicians make decisions in favor of their interest groups or their supporters back in their hometowns.Tadashi Yanai

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I hate politics. What they say and what they do is completely different.Tadashi Yanai

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People shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get high-quality clothing.Tadashi Yanai

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You have to be a crazy guy and a little eccentric to be very successful.Tadashi Yanai

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In general, the apparel industry isn't about continual process improvement or making the perfect piece of denim; it's about chasing trends.Tadashi Yanai

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At Uniqlo, we're thinking ahead. We're thinking about how to create new, innovative products... and sell that to everyone.Tadashi Yanai

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I think like a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Failure is a great teacher. At the same time, you must remember, success will never last... Whether it's tech or fashion, it must be for the customer.Tadashi Yanai

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Too often, we have tended to fall into a trap of creating plain hamburgers.Tadashi Yanai

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Our underwear used to just be cotton, but we wanted to see if we could create something out of synthetics.Tadashi Yanai

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America, for me, is the country where, if you have something great to offer, you'll be valued highly.Tadashi Yanai

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At first, Uniqlo was a casual chain on the back streets of Hiroshima. Then... we became a national brand in Japan. So, the next step is to become a global brand.Tadashi Yanai

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If you always think about your dreams or goals, work steadfastly towards them and continue to challenge yourself, you will definitely be able to realise those dreams or goals.Tadashi Yanai

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Japan has only 100m people. Asia has 4bn. At least one-third, maybe nearly half, will become middle class, and this is a big opportunity for Japanese businessmen.Tadashi Yanai

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Wal-Mart is an amazing success story. What I particularly admire very much about the late Sam Walton was his policy of valuing his employees. Giving value to employees is very rare in the retail industry. I also admire the strategies Walton used to build up his discount store concept.Tadashi Yanai

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Konosuke Matsushita was a visionary entrepreneur. He started working very young as a teenager, and he eventually created Panasonic to become a truly global company.Tadashi Yanai

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