Happiness is very simple and minimal.Tablo

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Love what you do, not the love you get for doing it.Tablo

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If it's a good song, it doesn't really matter if it's trendy or not. It will hit.Tablo

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When you go independent, if you fail, you're totally responsible for it. If you succeed, you're totally responsible for it. You are responsibly for who you are... and what you do and what you make.Tablo

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One of the things I wonder is whether it's good that the whole free model makes a lot of people listen to more of your music. I'm wondering if it devalues it, it becomes disposable, because you can get it so easily.Tablo

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The word we have in Korea for K-Pop is 'Gaio.' And I guess it's a huge umbrella term. Basically it's like saying Coldplay and Kanye West, or Eminem and Celine Dion, are the same genre.Tablo

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There's a lot of American people who like K-Pop for some reason. I don't know why, you know? But they like it even if they can't understand it because it has that style, that appeal.Tablo

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I guess the difference between the Korean hip-hop scene and the American hip-hop scene is that in the American hip-hop scene, you know, they have their Jay-Zs. They can become conglomerates through hip-hop. In Korea, it doesn't happen.Tablo

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Any trend that is developed too fast and is disposed right away is not going to have a lasting impression on the culture, you know?Tablo

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When my daughter wanted a toy and I had to check the price of it before buying it - that was one of the worst feelings.Tablo

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I'd rather be just a Korean musician as opposed to, you know, a K-Pop musician.Tablo

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