Said Nursi

Belief is not restricted to a brief affirmation based on imitation; rather, it has degrees and stages of development. It is like a seed growing into a fully grown, fruit-bearing tree; like the sun's image in a mirror or in a drop of water to its images on the sea's surface and to the sun itself.Said Nursi

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Belief is so valuable and living that it infuses with life everything it enters! It transforms the fleeting glimmer of transitory life into eternal life, dispelling the transience in it.Said Nursi

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The beauty of a finely worked object points to the beauty of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the craftsmanship points to the beauty of the name which was the source of the craftsmanship. The beauty of the name of the craftsman's art points to the beauty of the craftsman's attributes manifested in that art.Said Nursi

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All true happiness, pure joy, sweet bounties, and unclouded pleasure are contained within the knowledge and love of God.Said Nursi

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The Giver of Existence is Eternally Existent; there is no harm, therefore, in the passing of beings, for the things that are loved continue to exist through the continuance of the One Who gave them existence, the Necessary Existent.Said Nursi

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The transparency of a metaphor displays the glint of truth. But if a metaphor is taken for a reality, it then becomes dense and masks the truth it is meant to display.Said Nursi

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The origin of all revolutions and corruption, and the spur and source of all base morals are just two sayings: The First Saying: 'So long as I'm full, what is it to me if others die of hunger?' The Second Saying: 'You suffer hardship so that I can live in ease; you work so that I can eat.'Said Nursi

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If you can visualize the whole of spring and see Paradise with the eye of belief, you may understand the utter majesty of everlasting Beauty. If you respond to that Beauty with the beauty of belief and worship, you will be a most beautiful creature.Said Nursi

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Time has shown that Paradise is not cheap, and neither is Hell unnecessary.Said Nursi

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Creation's highest aim and most sublime result is belief in God. The most exalted rank of humanity is knowledge of God.Said Nursi

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Practice the brotherhood, love, and cooperation insistently enjoined by hundreds of Qur'anic verses and traditions of the Prophet!Said Nursi

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Do not suffer pain and torment without reason. Somebody All-Powerful and All-Compassionate owns everything. Rely on His Power and do not accuse His Compassion. Renounce grief and anxiety ad accept relief. Be rid of your troubles and find serenity.Said Nursi

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The Qur'an, throughout all of its verses, aims mainly to establish and confirm four basic, universal truths: the existence and Oneness of the Maker of the universe; Prophethood; bodily Resurrection; and worship and justice.Said Nursi

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At the resurrection, there will be the return of spirits to their bodies, the revivification of the bodies, and the remaking of the bodies.Said Nursi

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The raising to life of all animate beings at the resurrection of the dead can be no more difficult for Divine Power than restoring to life a fly in the spring, heavy with the death-stained sleep of winter.Said Nursi

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The truth cannot be deceptive, and one who sees it cannot be deceived.Said Nursi

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The mirror to the beautiful is beautiful.Said Nursi

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The signs, proofs, and evidences of Divine unity are incalculable.Said Nursi

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In Divine unity and the affirmation of it, Divine beauty and dominical perfection become apparent. If there was no unity, that pre-eternal treasury would remain hidden.Said Nursi

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The fact that there is a unity in everything demonstrates that they are the works and artefacts of a single being. The universe is like a rosebud swathed in a thousand veils of unity. Or it is a single macroanthropos dressed in unities to the number of Divine Names and universal Divine works.Said Nursi

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In spring, the dead trees, roots, and animals come to life again exactly as they were, thus providing hundreds of thousands of examples, specimens, and proofs of the supreme resurrection.Said Nursi

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A thing's innate disposition or God-given nature does not lie; whatever this innate disposition says is the truth.Said Nursi

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In the district of Hizan, through the influence of Shaikh Abdurrahman Tagi, known as Seyda, so many students, teachers, and scholars emerged, I was sure all Kurdistan took pride in them and their scholarly debates and wide knowledge and Sufi way. These were the people who would conquer the face of the earth!Said Nursi

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When I was ten years old, I had great pride in myself, which sometimes even took the form of boasting and self-praise; although I myself did not want to, I used to assume the air of someone undertaking some great work and mighty act of heroism.Said Nursi

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Tahir Pasha assigned me a room when I was staying in his residence, and every night before sleeping, I would spend around three hours going over the books I had memorized. It would take me three months to go through the lot. Thanks be to God, all those works became steps ascending to the truths of the Qur'an.Said Nursi

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I can bear my own sorrows, but the sorrows arising from the calamities visiting Islam and Muslims have crushed me. I feel each blow delivered to the Muslim world as delivered first to my own heart.Said Nursi

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