The biggest competition is myself. I am not looking to follow others or pull them down. I'm planning to test my own boundaries.Rain

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I was told that when I'm dancing, I give off the feeling of a rainy day.Rain

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In Korea, when I started, there wasn't a trend where people chose to be both actors and singers. I was the first to do both. It was a great deal hard work, but I got a lot of support and love from my audience. And for me to receive the same treatment overseas, I felt that I was also very lucky.Rain

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I love Al Pacino.Rain

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When I was young, 'Scarface' was my favorite film. Al Pacino is my hero. I want to work with him.Rain

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I was very innocent and shielded as a child, so I didn't know a lot about music or dancing. When I was in Primary Six, no one would participate in a talent show, so I decided to go on. When the audience applauded me, I felt euphoric, and I started dancing right after that!Rain

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Endless effort, endless humility, endless modesty.Rain

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I dedicated my 20s, my passion and energy to the name 'Rain.' I always did my best, and I thought if I did, it would eventually show, and even if it didn't turn out well, I wouldn't have any regrets.Rain

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Although I still have a long way to go, I would like to become the pride of Asia. When another Asian artist enters the U.S. market, I would like him to think, 'There was an artist called Rain who succeeded in the U.S. market.' This is my dream.Rain

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I learned that instead of relying on and imitating American music, there is a better chance for an Asian artist to succeed if he or she follows his or her own culture.Rain

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Having fans wherever I go gives me an energy, and it is the source of my power.Rain

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I'd love to continue my career in Hollywood - I'd love to do another action film, or a romantic comedy, or horror. I love horror films.Rain

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I learned how to dance every move of 'Billie Jean.'Rain

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I like junk food, French fries, hamburgers - I love it.Rain

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From when I was young, I wanted to be an action hero. I always dreamed about being an action star. So finally, I made it.Rain

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I loved ninjas when I was younger.Rain

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I want to read a lot of comic books. I want to watch movies. I want to rest.Rain

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I don't get my inspiration from a specific source. It's more like if you listen to a good tune, it gives me inspiration to write a better tune.Rain

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The more criticism I get, the more it gives me a stronger urge to win. So I try harder.Rain

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The more times I was turned down, the more I believed I was getting closer to making it. A lot of people in Korea say that failure is the mother of success, so I believed that more times I failed, the more likely I was to succeed.Rain

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I experienced firsthand what it means to be poor, what it means to go hungry, and that, I think, may be the reason, the root cause of why I'm able to work so hard, even these days.Rain

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I want to challenge myself to see where my limit is and experiment with a lot of different films. A lot of artists from Asia focus too much on their Asian background. I don't want to let go of my background, but to be a success in the U.S., which is my goal, I realize I need to surround myself with American filmmakers and producers.Rain

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I've always wanted to be a singer and an actor. I will continue to concentrate on both because I love both.Rain

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I love 'Enter the Dragon,' and I love Japanese movies. I love Jackie Chan movies; they are my heroes.Rain

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