Philippe Petit

I am the poet of the high wire - I never do stunts; I do theatrical performances.Philippe Petit

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Passion is the motto of all my actions.Philippe Petit

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There is a child inside me that wants to come out and do something to surprise all the adults.Philippe Petit

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I started very early, from five or six years old, to climb. To climb trees, to climb rocks everywhere I could. At some point, of course, I used a rope.Philippe Petit

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Usually, when I walk on a wire, I inspect the anchor point on both sides before crossing.Philippe Petit

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If I see three oranges, I have to juggle. And if I see two towers, I have to walk.Philippe Petit

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The impossible - we are told - cannot be achieved. To overcome the 'impossible,' we need to use our wits and be fearless. We need to break the rules and to circumvent - some would one say to cheat.Philippe Petit

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Death frames the high wire. But I don't see myself as taking risks. I do all of the preparations that a non-death seeker would do.Philippe Petit

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The wire is a safe place for me to be. The street is not. Life is not. It's a rigorous and simple path. It's straight. You don't have meanders like, you know, on the ground, in life.Philippe Petit

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Every year, I am conscious of the anniversary of my 1974 World Trade Center walk.Philippe Petit

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It's part of my life to feel like a criminal, to have eyes in my back and see if I'm being followed. It's a feeling that comes from street juggling because I have been arrested so many times.Philippe Petit

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I would not describe my personality. And I think when you describe people, you are making a mistake. That's not how they are; that's how you perceive them at that moment. It's limiting in front of something that is magnificent and unlimited: life.Philippe Petit

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In my life, I wanted to meet certain people. I never met Charlie Chaplin, but I met Werner Herzog.Philippe Petit

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For years, I have been working on crossing the Grand Canyon. Actually, there is nobody who says 'no,' but since this is a project that comes from me and not a commission, I have to find the money, plan the logistics, etcetera.Philippe Petit

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If a leaf fell from a tree, I'd stop juggling and play with the leaf. I went to my prop bag and got a little bandage and stuck the leaf back on the tree. People loved it.Philippe Petit

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Notre Dame and Sydney - that was nothing. Notre Dame doesn't have a police station; it is not 1,000 or so feet high. It was a public structure, very easy to access. And Sydney Harbour Bridge was half-and-half: a bridge, in the middle of the night. The World Trade Center was the end of the world. Electronic devices, police dogs.Philippe Petit

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On a very long and very high wire, I will not hope to not be blown off by high winds. I will have the certitude that such could not happen.Philippe Petit

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I found out that total creativity involves a certain intellectual rebellion - not to become a criminal, but somehow. to be totally creating, you have to do things that are a little bit forbidden. You have to feel free, and we know freedom is a hard thing to get.Philippe Petit

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I started making monkey bridges, like kids do, and climbing and rappelling with ropes. Very naturally, I needed some knots. At the very beginning, I didn't care, I didn't know, and then slowly I started to know, and I started to care. I wanted to know more knots or the right knot for the special action.Philippe Petit

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Fame was never something I was seeking in my artistic journey. It's to be used as a tool for an artist to break open doors and keep creating. That's how I enjoyed fame in '74; it was not just for the emptiness of being famous.Philippe Petit

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Metaphorically speaking, of course, if I put a problem behind my pillow and fall asleep, very often because my brain went to sleep with that idea or the problem alive, very often in the middle of the night I wake up, and I wake up with a solution or with a direction of solution.Philippe Petit

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I started putting a wire up in secret and performing without permission. Notre Dame, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the World Trade Center. And I developed a certitude, a faith that convinced me that I will get safely to the other side. If not, I will never do that first step.Philippe Petit

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To be able to create fully, it's maybe fine that you learn the rules, but you have to forget and to rebel against those rules.Philippe Petit

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An intellectual challenge presents itself? I am in bliss. Instantly, it brings forth the notion of triumph.Philippe Petit

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There was a time when fire and story would fall asleep in unison. It was dream time.Philippe Petit

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Faith is what replaces doubt in my dictionary.Philippe Petit

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When I was six years old, I fell in love with magic. For Christmas, I got a magic box and a very old book on card manipulation. Somehow, I was more interested in pure manipulation than in all the silly little tricks in the box.Philippe Petit

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As I'm studying magic, juggling is mentioned repeatedly as a great way to acquire dexterity and coordination. Now, I had long admired how fast and fluidly jugglers make objects fly. So that's it. I'm 14; I'm becoming a juggler.Philippe Petit

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On the high wire, within months, I'm able to master all the tricks they do in the circus, except I am not satisfied.Philippe Petit

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When a loved one disappears, you continue to live with the accompaniment of that person. One has to find a balance between joy and sorrow.Philippe Petit

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