Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

I hate plastic bottles. Just think about it before you buy one. We pay more for a gallon of water than we do for a gallon of gas. I think people will realize that water quality standards in most municipalities are as good or better for the stuff coming out of the tap than bottled water companies. You'll save money and save the environment, too.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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With EarthEcho Expedition: Acid Apocalypse, we are working with youth leaders and noted experts on the changing chemistry of our ocean to help illuminate one of our most pressing and inscrutable environmental issues.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Ocean acidification is often referred to as osteoporosis of the oceans because as acidity rises, shell building creatures such as lobster, oyster, crab, shrimp, and coral are unable to extract the calcium carbonate from the water that they need to build their shells and are thus unable to survive.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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The first time I ever had the opportunity to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, it was while filming 'Oceans Deadliest' with Steve Irwin. I remember just how awestruck I was by its beauty.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Fossil fuels and mining is a short-term gambit. If we develop those resources at the expense of the environmental gold mine that is the Great Barrier Reef, we will all lose in the long run.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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I love snowboarding. It's probably my favorite sport. I love sitting on top of the mountain and the snow falling and that silence, that snow silence. That's, like, a very peaceful, happy place for me.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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The fact of the matter is our homes are on the frontlines when it comes to protecting and conserving our critical water resources - more than that, they are also key to protecting our health.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Ocean acidification is caused by the ocean absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the same carbon dioxide that is the primary cause of global warming, hence the nickname 'the other carbon problem.' As they do so, the oceans become more acidic with terrible consequences.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Both EarthEcho and Seventh Generation understand that young people have the power to change the world - one home, one school and one community at a time.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Science is cool! But it's easy for that to get lost in textbooks sometimes.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Truly, we do live on a 'water planet.' For us, water is that critical issue that we need. It's the most precious substance on the planet, and it links us to pretty much every environmental issue, including climate change, that we're facing.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Our oceans are facing innumerable threats - from overfishing and pollution to ocean acidification and invasive species - yet we haven't had a blueprint for its use and development, incredible as that seems.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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The fundamental essence of science, which I think we've lost in our education system, is poking something with a stick and seeing what happens. Embrace that process of inquiry.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Let's face it. Adventure and exploration are in my blood.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Since oceans are the life support system of our planet, regulating the climate, providing most of our oxygen and feeding over a billion people, what's bad for oceans is bad for us - very bad.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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The goal of each EarthEcho Expedition is to inspire and empower youth around the world with the knowledge and tools to take an active role in protecting critical natural resources in their own communities.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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As an explorer, I know firsthand there are many places in the ocean so full of life that they should be protected. Coral reefs and mangrove coastlines are stressed already by climate change and ocean acidification, and poor planning will just make their plight worse.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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I've been a grant seeker all my life, but when I apply for one and get it, that means someone else doesn't. I didn't want to be a part of that anymore. I wanted to contribute to that pool and make it bigger.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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My grandfather was Jacques Cousteau, a pioneer of ocean exploration and the co-inventor of scuba diving. Back in the 1940s when he tested out his invention which allowed humans to swim freely in the ocean with a portable air source for the first time in history, very little of the ocean had been explored let alone captured on film.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Targeting women is key in developing countries. It allows them to go to school, to say how many children they're going to have, which drives the issue of population and how their children will be educated. Women are the best investments in developing countries.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Phoenix is an interesting example. Drive around and see the golf courses everywhere, and you see people's big green lawns. And you live in a desert! I've always remarked about the capacity of human beings to look at somewhere and move there because of its uniqueness and its beauty and then change it.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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I went to elementary school in L.A. I was born in L.A. My mother was from Redondo Beach. My father was French. He died six months before I was born, so my mother went home. I was born there. Not the childhood that most people think. Middle-class, raised by my mother. Single mom.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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I could cut my leg of; I could cut my arm off. I could gouge my eye out - I'd still probably survive, but not very well, and that's what we're doing to the ocean. It's the life support system of this planet. We've been dumping in it, we've been polluting it, we've been destroying it for decades, and we're essentially maiming ourselves.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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I've been on my grandfather's boat, Calypso, twice in my life. My mother raised me in a pretty typical middle-class life.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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Sumatra has these lush forests and huge, amazing creatures like elephants, orangutans, and tigers. They're disappearing because of industry coming in and cutting down the forests.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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In many ways, our homes act as one big drain that, through our daily relationship with water, carries many toxic substances into our waterways and the environment.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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If a product has an endless list of ingredients, and you can't pronounce half of them, I would think twice about bringing them into your home.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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If having a beautiful lawn means putting up warning signs several times a year to keep children and pets off of it, it's probably a good idea to look into alternatives.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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One of my big pet peeves is single-use plastic bags. I think it's one of the stupidest ideas in the world.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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The biggest organ in your body is your skin, and it's a permeable membrane. Anything you put on it goes into you. If you can't pronounce most of the words on the back of the bottle, it's probably not good for you.Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

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