Olesya Rulin

I attempt to surf. I'm not as good as anyone else in the water. I'm more like a beached whale. I just hang out on my board. I can ride, but I get too nervous unless I go with my boyfriend or my trainer. There are too many burly men out there!Olesya Rulin

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I love Disney. I know that some Disney stars want to break out of the Disney mold, but no, if they let me, I would work with Disney until I die.Olesya Rulin

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I've had a lot of seedy side jobs. I've done it all. I've worked retail at the mall, just tons of side jobs, which I think are amazing for actors. I think everyone should have one! It helps you get more experiences, and the more experiences you have, the more you can channel into a character.Olesya Rulin

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There are times as an actor when you don't work for two months, sometimes three or sometimes six, and the only thing that's going to keep you sane is if you give back and live your life. I've definitely gone through that. It's like, 'Okay, I'm out of work for two months.' That's two months I can paint.Olesya Rulin

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I was in a commercial for the Disney channel. I was the camp leader for the campers.Olesya Rulin

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I'm a little untidy, and my favorite color is gray, and I'm always scurrying around in a panic.Olesya Rulin

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I'm not musically inclined. It blows my mind that people can write music. I don't have that talent; I look up to the people that do.Olesya Rulin

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I've been to London twice. I saw the Broadway show 'Billy Elliot' there - phenomenal. I was crying through the entire thing.Olesya Rulin

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Me in high school, I was kind of a loner. I had a handful of friends. I'd eat my lunch in my car every day in my senior year. I went to ballet. I was a ballerina, so I was very focused on that. You kind of have to be. That was two-thirds of my week, going to ballet class.Olesya Rulin

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I didn't take theater or anything. We didn't have a very good theater program. It was in western Utah - was a really small school. It wasn't developed. We didn't have the funds to do anything like that, but I did act all through high school in films because Disney Channel would shoot movies out there.Olesya Rulin

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My family is a kaleidoscope... My family is like that. We're all different colors, like a prism. When we have light shine and stuff, we're beautiful. When it's dark, nothing shines, and it's a rock.Olesya Rulin

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I was really blessed with parents who never said I couldn't do anything. And now I reflect as an adult on that, 'Wow, they never told me no!'Olesya Rulin

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I grew up in a village of 12 houses. We had a well and a cow.Olesya Rulin

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I do go back to Russia frequently, about twice a year. I hate the flight, but it's worth it. My parents have a home in a little village of 12 houses. It's not on any map, so unless you know it's there, you won't find it. Nothing works there; no Internet, no cell phone, and the land line only works sometimes. It's great!Olesya Rulin

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The thing I miss about Russia the most is what is called 'black bread.' It's rye bread, and everyone eats it. I slice mine up and put sunflower oil and salt on it... the best thing ever. It was like a little treat for me when I was a kid.Olesya Rulin

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I had such an amazing time filming 'Major Movie Star.' I loved everyone in the cast. They all brought their own spirit to the film, and I hope that is what will be seen on screen.Olesya Rulin

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