Okky Madasari

I chose the Xperia based on its functions. Apart from using the phone to communicate, I also use it to take pictures. The image quality with this cell phone is great.Okky Madasari

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Women become the objects of rules; they are repressed and lose their rights in the name of religion, or they lose their freedom in the name of tradition, while the state legitimates this foolishness with laws.Okky Madasari

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We often see literature about women that impair and immerse the women themselves, such as when women are portrayed as objects of consumerism.Okky Madasari

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My work always presents problems in our society. Those problems may be anything from injustice to freedom, and everything related to humanity.Okky Madasari

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For a homebody like me, the evolution of gadgets has been a blessing.Okky Madasari

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I have used Lenovo since I wrote my first novel. My old laptop broke, so I bought a new one, but still a Lenovo. It is one of my most essential devices.Okky Madasari

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'Prison Notebooks' gives me a basic understanding of how power can influence people through cultural products and intellectual groups, so they will voluntarily support the hegemony.Okky Madasari

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'Orientalism' has successfully built my critical awareness to question and see the big picture of knowledge, perspective or idea from a Western point of view and always see things from different perspective.Okky Madasari

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