Nash Grier

Don't limit your audience.Nash Grier

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As humans, we're going to make mistakes. It's what makes us human, and most of the time, the most effective way of learning is from a mistake.Nash Grier

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I accept you, and you get the same respect from me whether you are black, white, gay straight, Asian, bisexual, Australian, tall, fat, whatever it is. We are all people, and I look at the people of the world the same way, as my brothers and sisters.Nash Grier

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Designing a collection with Aeropostale was completely surreal.Nash Grier

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You can play professional lacrosse, but they make less than a teacher's salary now. I always thought about that. And it's a very difficult career, a short career, as a pro athlete.Nash Grier

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I like being the center of attention. I want to be in the limelight, basically.Nash Grier

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When people say 'that's risky,' or when the odds are not in my favor, I'm more motivated than ever.Nash Grier

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I love entertaining people, and I want to pursue it.Nash Grier

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Be happy. Don't make a Vine about, like, something not that happy.Nash Grier

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I'm not 'Will's brother' anymore. Will is my brother. I'm paving the way for all middle children out there.Nash Grier

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Towards the end of summer 2013, when school ended, I decided to re-download all of my social media channels and make videos again. The next day, I woke up and had 9,000 followers. I did the same thing the next day and woke up with 54,000 followers.Nash Grier

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Many of my early Vines and collaborations were with gay people.Nash Grier

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