Marianne Williamson

The holidays are only holy if we make them so.Marianne Williamson

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The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another.Marianne Williamson

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Some pain is simply the normal grief of human existence. That is pain that I try to make room for. I honor my grief.Marianne Williamson

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In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.Marianne Williamson

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The AIDS virus is not more powerful than God.Marianne Williamson

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Whether the Sikhs want to worship in Wisconsin or the Christians want to worship in Texas or the Jews want to worship in New York, we're living under the magnificent umbrella of a Constitution that says we can.Marianne Williamson

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I read an article somewhere that stated 1 in 4 American women will be considered clinically depressed in their lifetime. This should be more than a gold mine for pharmaceutical companies - it should be a wake-up call.Marianne Williamson

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People are starting to wake up to the fact that a media/political party-complex basically decide our candidate, then create the illusion for the rest of us that in fact we're the ones who did the deciding.Marianne Williamson

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The mortal mind alone cannot devise an answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because the true answer lies on a level of consciousness that's beyond our mortal thinking. Quite simply, when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians, we need a miracle.Marianne Williamson

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In our society, as people pass out of young adulthood, they tend to relate to themselves more in terms of what they are no longer than what they are now, and that's psychologically low-grade devastating.Marianne Williamson

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The first step in forgiveness is the willingness to forgive.Marianne Williamson

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We may have bad weather in Ireland, but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and that keeps us all warm.Marianne Williamson

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We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what's wrong in your life, or you can focus on what's right.Marianne Williamson

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Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don't see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself.Marianne Williamson

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The Project Angel Food Program's mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and other serious illness. The Project Angel Food Program delivers free and nutritious meals prepared with love. We act out of a sense of urgency because hunger and illness cannot wait.Marianne Williamson

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Hope lies in having more faith in the power of God to heal us than in the power of anything to hurt or destroy us. In realizing that as children of God we are bigger than our problems, we have the power at last to confront them.Marianne Williamson

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Today's average American is more apt to rebel against a tennis shoe not coming in the right color than against the slow erosion of our democratic freedom.Marianne Williamson

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There's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows how to contain her power and not let it leak, standing firmly within it in mystery and silence. A woman who talks too much sheds her allure.Marianne Williamson

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We're often afraid of looking at our shadow because we want to avoid the shame or embarrassment that comes along with admitting mistakes.Marianne Williamson

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The daughters of God don't brake for jerks.Marianne Williamson

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It doesn't take money to turn off the television and cultivate real bonding time.Marianne Williamson

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My self healing lies in praying for those who have harmed me.Marianne Williamson

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The Founders didn't mention political parties when they wrote the Constitution, and George Washington in essence warned us against them in his Farewell Address.Marianne Williamson

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People on a spiritual path - personal growth, spiritual practice, recovery, yoga and so forth - are the last people who should be sitting out the social and political issues of our day.Marianne Williamson

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The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts.Marianne Williamson

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The point of Jesus' existence wasn't to lessen or diminish our appreciation of each other, but to expand our appreciation of each other by reminding us what lies within all of us, because Jesus was an example of the pinnacle of human evolution.Marianne Williamson

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I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason, and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul's growth.Marianne Williamson

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Whatever it is that leads human beings to hate, to destroy, and to kill has taken on a collective force like never before, as technology and globalization now give it the capacity to not just strike, but to strike us all, together, as one.Marianne Williamson

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All of us wish we'd had perfect childhoods, with a mother and father who modeled ideal parental attitudes and taught us to internalize the tenets of self-love. Many of us, however, did not.Marianne Williamson

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Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.Marianne Williamson

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