Kangana Ranaut

Freedom of being alone is intoxicating.Kangana Ranaut

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I would never be able to spend all my life in a busy city like Mumbai.Kangana Ranaut

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Success is the best revenge. I always feel women should answer back either with their sarcasm or success.Kangana Ranaut

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I come from Surajpur, a valley in Himachal Pradesh near Manali that is named after my great grandfather Sarju Singh Ranaut.Kangana Ranaut

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I am a very proud Hindu. The foundation of my personality is laid on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda or Sanatan Dharm or the Geeta. And if my religious practices or anybody's religious practices is given any kind of sadistic name, it instills fear about other person's religious practices.Kangana Ranaut

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In India, it's a matter of fact that a girl child is seen as a liability. Probably the only expectation is that you grow up to a presentable young woman who can get a decent spouse.Kangana Ranaut

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I don't seek validation outside, not even with the audience. Today they like me, but tomorrow they may hate me. I don't want to be anybody's role model.Kangana Ranaut

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I feel that we, as Indians, have a knack for loving a stereotypical, sobbing, sympathy-seeking personality. I feel that we need to promote quirky, cool and youthful talent. We have to stop propagating the sob-story angle of celebs, where they try to be larger-than-life. That is very outdated. It is so boring that it puts you to sleep.Kangana Ranaut

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Nobody was my support. You have to support yourself, and I think that is the beauty of being a woman. You can handle anything and be ten times better than men.Kangana Ranaut

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All beautiful things in this world are because of women.Kangana Ranaut

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Women empowerment does not mean you create complex among men. Then it will take 20 more years to empower men. It is all about evolving as a soul, as a human being. It does not mean that you become a sexist.Kangana Ranaut

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Male actors get into production, share profit, and they don't take money at times but are involved in some capacity which is economical and resourceful. These things suit them; as they have made a place for themselves, they have command over the box office.Kangana Ranaut

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The glorification of sisters, mothers as the selfless Indian women who will do 'agni pariksha' and the one who sees her own betterment only in the betterment of their husbands and fathers, that has to stop. It's very regressive.Kangana Ranaut

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Money can't buy everything, but it can buy most of it. Because of money, I could give my parents a comfortable life.Kangana Ranaut

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I am not comfortable walking the ramp for just any designer. I am particular about who I associate with.Kangana Ranaut

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While choosing a fashion show, I take into consideration the designer and the collection. Then only I said yes to do a show.Kangana Ranaut

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It's very hard for me to find any sort of shame or blame in my life. I'm not made that way.Kangana Ranaut

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I don't know if it is of any joy to humiliate people. No matter what, whether you're high in life or low in life, humiliation and such kinds of things should just be ignored. I don't derive any pleasure from running people down.Kangana Ranaut

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I had no work after 'Gangster' for two years, and my sister Rangoli met with an accident that destroyed her looks. My struggle with my parents combined with the industry not accepting me made me feel alienated.Kangana Ranaut

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I don't know why everyone feels the pressure to look young. Personally, I hate it. I don't want to inject Botox and look young forever. It's living in denial and anything that has an undercurrent of this philosophy is bad for your growth.Kangana Ranaut

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I don't find anything upsetting or gross or degrading about fighting with a mental illness: Bipolar or Schizophrenia.Kangana Ranaut

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My parents gave me the easy option that if you're going to go your way, that's the highway. You can expect no funds and no support, which I think was legitimate; that was a fair option.Kangana Ranaut

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When I left my home to become an actress, my father didn't give me a single penny. I struggled a lot, and they had no idea what I went through. My grandfather even asked me to drop my surname when he learnt I was joining films.Kangana Ranaut

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I schooled in Himachal Pradesh. I had taken up science and, initially, wanted to become a doctor. There are few career options for students of science though, so I shifted to Delhi and decided to try theater instead.Kangana Ranaut

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My ancestors are Rajputs from Jaipur, a lineage of the royal family.Kangana Ranaut

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I come from a middle class family, and my parents weren't too supportive of my career choices.Kangana Ranaut

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My man has to be more intelligent than I am, which is difficult to find. He should definitely be more successful than me, which is not so difficult to find. I'd be a fool to expect a better looking man than me, which is impossible to find.Kangana Ranaut

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My father is a businessman, and my mother is a schoolteacher.Kangana Ranaut

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I cannot approach someone; I lack the confidence when it comes to the guy I desire. I'm very good when it comes to matchmaking and hooking others up. But I can't help my own cause.Kangana Ranaut

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My biggest asset is that I know how to learn, and that, I believe, will help me in the long run.Kangana Ranaut

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