Jeremy Irons

I constantly experience failure in that my work is never as good as I want it to be. So I live with failure.Jeremy Irons

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However, I wasn't very good at the sciences, or didn't have a lot of help in the sciences or something but certainly didn't set science for my A level. And when I came to take my A levels I didn't get a good enough result to go to University.Jeremy Irons

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Because I'm now successful, what I'm being offered as an actor is more and more of the same.Jeremy Irons

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At age 10 or 12 he's going to boarding school in the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is, of course, down at the bottom of England just off South Hampton.Jeremy Irons

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A trip to the mainland was a big event and happened maybe once a year, although now you can get across in a speed boat in seven minutes but then it was a long way away.Jeremy Irons

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I think all of society should be a think-tank where you throw ideas about. I had hoped the Internet would help. Actually, what it has done is make everybody go schtum. They're attacked for saying anything. So they say nothing.Jeremy Irons

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I have developed a life which seems to need a relatively high income.Jeremy Irons

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You can be in love and raise a family wonderfully by not being married, but actually, marriage does give us a strength, because it's quite hard to get out of, and so it makes us fight more to keep it together. If divorce becomes dead easy - which it sort of has - then we don't have that backup. Because, for everybody, relationships are hard.Jeremy Irons

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I believe inanimate objects have a spirit.Jeremy Irons

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Film wise, I invariably look at my work and reckon I could have done it better. I'm also conscious that I'm in a profession where we get more praise than we should compared to the usefulness of what we do.Jeremy Irons

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I've always had a desire to live on the outside. That's where I'm most comfortable.Jeremy Irons

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You ask my wife or my two sons, and they'll tell you that I ain't free with the money.Jeremy Irons

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I have played characters where I haven't been absorbed - you know, what I call a typical film leading man role where you just have to look gorgeous and be attractive and charming. It bores me. I like a bit of dirt, a bit of sand in the oyster.Jeremy Irons

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The film business has changed hugely. You seem to spend about 30 per cent of the time producing the films and 70 per cent talking about it.Jeremy Irons

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I came to London. I spent nine months doing domestic work and gardening because I knew I wanted to get a West End show. So, when I was offered jobs in Stoke or Leicester or whatever, I'd say no. Eventually, I got 'Godspell.' It was gently building.Jeremy Irons

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I do this work, but I am uncomfortable in situations where you're hyped into something you're not. Just because you're in a long limo doesn't mean anything.Jeremy Irons

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I wanted to find a way of life that allowed me great freedom, not to be stuck. I went to a very traditional school, which prepared people for the army or for banking or for industry, and I wanted to be outside of that.Jeremy Irons

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I looked at the circus, and I looked at the carnival, at the fun fair. But I looked at sleeping accommodations and decided I was too middle class to put up with that! So then I joined the theater and found I could choose my own bedroom. I loved the atmosphere. I loved that we worked till midnight and didn't start till ten.Jeremy Irons

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It's always nice working with friends. And if you have a director that you've worked with before, you don't have to go through that first learning thing. There's an element of trust there.Jeremy Irons

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When I'm not working, I don't mix with actors, really. I have about two or three friends from theater school, and we call each other and meet. But in the main, no. I'm more happy with musicians or horse riders or sailors.Jeremy Irons

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I think nobody since has written such extraordinary work as Shakespeare writes. The characters he writes are full of inconsistencies, which is a great human quality - I mean, we're all very inconsistent in the way we behave.Jeremy Irons

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I think the world is much more transparent now, and I think that's probably a good thing. On the other hand, I think it makes it really tough for people who are natural born leaders who could be guiding us and leading our countries.Jeremy Irons

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Most people have fallen by the wayside once or twice in their lives, and because the world is so transparent now, I think they're very fearful of running for office.Jeremy Irons

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I love touching. I always touch people.Jeremy Irons

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I had people when I was younger trying to feel me up. Older men. I just told them to get lost.Jeremy Irons

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There are people who are victims in life, and I don't think they should be encouraged.Jeremy Irons

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Paris Hilton, that's very interesting what she did. I've never done that. I haven't really sort of ever got into that. As time passes, maybe I should record it and put it in a vault so that when I get a little old don't have the energy I can remember how life used to be.Jeremy Irons

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I had done a fair bit of traveling during the holidays in my school days with my guitar and discovered that I could live on it. Admittedly, I traveled with a sleeping bag but I could always find somewhere to lay my head.Jeremy Irons

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No, I don't believe in hard work. If something is hard, leave it. Let it come to you. Let it happen.Jeremy Irons

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We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.Jeremy Irons

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