Jenny Lewis

I think I have a hard time expressing myself in my relationships. I use songs to tell people how I'm feeling. If I can't say 'I love you,' I'll write a song about it and hope that the person figures it out.Jenny Lewis

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I don't feel unlucky in love anymore, and it's not all emo. It's a scary place to be in when you're like: 'What am I supposed to write about now? I don't feel heartbroken, so now what?'Jenny Lewis

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After Rilo Kiley broke up and a few really intense personal things happened, I completely melted down. It nearly destroyed me. I had such severe insomnia that, at one point, I didn't sleep for five straight nights.Jenny Lewis

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I've always just had sort of a dark take on life, I suppose, and hopefully, the music transcends that in a way.Jenny Lewis

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I'm obsessed with old rotary phones.Jenny Lewis

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My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. They had a lounge act in Las Vegas, where I was born. The band broke up and the marriage dissolved, and my mother, my sister and I moved to Southern California. And I didn't see my dad a lot growing up; he was on the road a lot. I'd see him every couple years.Jenny Lewis

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I write music, really, to make myself feel better.Jenny Lewis

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When I was a teenager, I went to Europe on a backpacking trip by myself, and I met a woman who was following Sebadoh. It was the early 1990s, and that was my introduction to indie rock.Jenny Lewis

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It's funny how a song can start in your mind, and then when it goes through all the filters, it ends up in a totally different spot.Jenny Lewis

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I've always tried to get around writing love songs, I guess because I've always had a hard time saying, 'I love you.'Jenny Lewis

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That is the true joy of being a solo artist. I can do whatever I want. I can go wherever I want. I can show up with my guitar and my song, and it can sound a hundred different ways. That's the freedom of being on your own. The flipside is: That's you on the cover. If it sucks, it's your fault.Jenny Lewis

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In your mid-30s, you have to take inventory, or you'll stumble.Jenny Lewis

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I'm a huge reggae fan. I want to go to Jamaica and make, like, Bob Marley 'One Love' positive songs. That's what the world needs.Jenny Lewis

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It would be nice to create something that's healing rather than slightly creepy and darkly judgmental!Jenny Lewis

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My mother had a great vinyl collection, and she was constantly playing female singer-songwriters. I first learned about classic song structures by listening to them, and Laura Nyro particularly stood out. Her voice was outside what you'd usually hear on the radio; that really appealed to me.Jenny Lewis

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My mother's records were formative for me, but when I became a teenager, I wanted to find songs that she wasn't hip to. She was so hip, though, that I had to go outside rock n' roll - so for about 10 years, I only listened to hip-hop, house and techno.Jenny Lewis

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When I was 18, I took a trip to Thailand with a friend. We stayed for a month. Bangkok was very raw for a teenager: there were no cellphones, no Internet, and the only music I had with me was this cassette by Liz Phair. I was writing a lot of poetry, and she embodied a talky style of songwriting that I found very accessible.Jenny Lewis

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When you're talking about your own music every day, listening to bands, going to festivals, you can kind of lose sight of your initial connection with music. Instrumental music - especially jazz - helps me refocus.Jenny Lewis

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I think a lot of musicians play for the playback. I mean, that's the joy of recording - you want to hear what you've done and what you've contributed - but never listening to that playback kind of removes the intellectual part of making music, and it removes the tendency to be revisionist.Jenny Lewis

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I think it's always an adjustment for me, but I do feel like, ultimately, I can kind of write anywhere. It just takes a second to get back in to the groove.Jenny Lewis

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I demo all of my songs on Garage Band, where I pretty much play everything - not very well, but I manage to hammer out a drum beat and a bass idea.Jenny Lewis

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When something is coming off of a Neve board and being laid down on tape, it's like a warm blanket for the brain. When you're working in a digital form, it's so harsh; it's almost painful. Your ears get more fatigued if you're mixing all day.Jenny Lewis

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When you're in your mid-thirties, the cult of people who have children around you all want you in their cult, and they constantly ask you, 'So when are you going to have a baby?'Jenny Lewis

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I had a huge Lisa Frank sticker collection. I traded them.Jenny Lewis

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When I sit down to write a song, there is no filter. I'm not trying to write for anyone or anything specifically. It's just trying to capture a little piece of your soul - even if it's a really ugly part.Jenny Lewis

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I'm typically not a heels person.Jenny Lewis

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I think you kind of lose the human aspect when you make things too perfect.Jenny Lewis

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I'm not trying to repeat myself or cater myself to one specific group of people.Jenny Lewis

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I like babies, but not in the front row. I don't want to sing directly to a baby.Jenny Lewis

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Losing your parent is unlike anything.Jenny Lewis

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