Ian Holm

The most important thing in the face is the eyes, and if you can make the eyes talk, you're halfway there.Ian Holm

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As an actor, I'm very much a company person. And this also goes through my life: I have a dread of responsibility. I like someone else to be in charge.Ian Holm

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It's not easy to shout against real elements. The elements are big, and the human voice is very small.Ian Holm

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All performances are different. I don't think it's necessary to compare one with another. I am just me playing the role of Lear. You're bound to get a Holm approach to it, whatever that may be. I just got out there and did it. I'm very much a doer in my acting.Ian Holm

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I grew up with the great Sir Laurence Olivier, and I think it's fair to say that a lot of actors of my age were influenced by his very individual vocal delivery. He was a showman who would always play to the gallery.Ian Holm

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Scarlett Johansson was wonderful in 'Lost in Translation,' and then, seemingly within a couple of weeks, she became completely Hollywoodised. I was shocked. I didn't recognise her. I hope to God it's just a phase.Ian Holm

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I get a lot of fan mail addressed to Bilbo and sometimes Sir Bilbo - it's hardly ever addressed to Ian Holm, in fact. My business manager drafts the replies, and then I pop in to the office and sign them, 'Bilbo!'Ian Holm

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'Whatever it takes' is my opinion of method acting and, indeed, any other kind of acting. Look at Brando and De Niro. But it's not my cup of tea.Ian Holm

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If everyone's ready for a shot to start, except for one actor who's intent on getting to the bottom of their soul, it can be a bit annoying.Ian Holm

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