Elizabeth Warren

People with banking experience haven't all flocked to the biggest banks; community banks and regional banks, along with smaller trading houses and credit unions, have some very talented people.Elizabeth Warren

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The over-representation of Wall Street banks in senior government positions sends a bad message. It tells people that one - and only one - point of view will dominate economic policymaking.Elizabeth Warren

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I have voted against only one of President Obama's nominees: Michael Froman, a Citigroup alumnus who is currently storming the halls of Congress as U.S. Trade Representative pushing trade deals that threaten to undermine financial regulation, workers' rights, and environmental protections.Elizabeth Warren

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Wall Street's outsized influence in our nation's capital is something I've talked about for a long time - long before I even thought about running for office. But where I see a problem - an infestation, really - a lot of others in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, seem to see government working just fine.Elizabeth Warren

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Groupthink can become a serious issue - old ideas stay around after they're useful, and new ideas too often don't get a fair hearing.Elizabeth Warren

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Too often, people get jobs based on who they know - not what they know.Elizabeth Warren

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There is one thing Anthony Weiner and I agree on: there are a lot of smart, hard-working people in the financial industry.Elizabeth Warren

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Wall Street banks have the right to express their views to lawmakers and regulators through lobbying, but the law is clear: If they want to influence lawmakers, they must disclose their lobbying expenditures.Elizabeth Warren

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If the big banks expect to buy influence when they give money to favored think tanks, then the public has a right to know. If the big banks don't expect to buy influence and are merely making charitable contributions, then their shareholders have a right to know. Either way, there's no excuse for keeping these payments secret.Elizabeth Warren

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The poor pay more, and that's one of the reasons people get trapped at the bottom of the economic ladder.Elizabeth Warren

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With post offices and postal workers already on the ground, USPS could partner with banks to make a critical difference for millions of Americans who don't have basic banking services because there are almost no banks or bank branches in their neighborhoods.Elizabeth Warren

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Families rely on financial services more than ever, but those who need them most - who struggle to make ends meet - too often must contend with sky-high interest rates and tricks and traps buried in the fine print of their loan products.Elizabeth Warren

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The Postal Service is huge - employing more than a half million people - and its history is long and complicated.Elizabeth Warren

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I want millionaires and billionaires and Big Oil companies to pay their fair share.Elizabeth Warren

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We've seen filibusters of bills and nominations that ultimately passed with 90 or more votes. Why filibuster something that has that kind of support? Just to slow down the process and keep the Senate from working.Elizabeth Warren

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I learned something important in my race against Senator Brown: voters want political leaders who are willing to break the partisan gridlock. They want fewer closed-door roadblocks and more public votes on legislation that could improve their lives.Elizabeth Warren

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Markets work when people can evaluate the prices and risks of different products, then pick the ones that work best for them. But when the terms of the deal are hidden, competition doesn't work. And customers aren't the only ones who are hurt.Elizabeth Warren

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The broken consumer credit market had to be repaired by making sure that consumers had the right information and could use it effectively. That meant consolidating the bloated patchwork of ineffective agencies and regulations so that a single agency could act as a voice for consumers.Elizabeth Warren

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Unfair servicing practices can worsen a family's already difficult economic situation, and the injury echoes from the family to the community and ultimately throughout the economy.Elizabeth Warren

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Cops on the beat can stop problems before the damage spreads.Elizabeth Warren

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When she was 16, my grandmother, Hannie Reed, drove a wagon in the Oklahoma land rush.Elizabeth Warren

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Bankruptcy exposes the economic vulnerability and insecurity of middle class women.Elizabeth Warren

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The women who file for bankruptcy played by all the rules, but they are still in economic freefall.Elizabeth Warren

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For many women, the on-time payments of domestic support obligations are essential to economic survival.Elizabeth Warren

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Most women file for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious medical problem, a job loss, or a family break up. It is hard to protect against those.Elizabeth Warren

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Consumer banking - selling debt to middle class families - has been a gold mine.Elizabeth Warren

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Pundits talk about 'populist rage' as a way to trivialize the anger and fear coursing through the middle class.Elizabeth Warren

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With the right sources of funding and some smart, strategic thinking about how to force non-banks to follow the same rules as other lenders, the entire landscape of consumer lending would change.Elizabeth Warren

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When billionaire car dealers or manufacturers pay for ambassadorships, at least they pay with money earned by selling something of value.Elizabeth Warren

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I made it real clear to the business community - if your plan for innovation is to trick people, is to fool them, is not to tell them the truth about the price, then you're right: I'm going to be right in the way.Elizabeth Warren

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