Dove Cameron

It's so crazy to meet people you've known about since you were many feet shorter than you are now.Dove Cameron

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Samuel L. Jackson is such a riot. He's so incredibly normal, and he's a blast to be around. I can't even describe to you how he's just sort of everybody's crazy uncle.Dove Cameron

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'Cloud 9' is an action/romantic comedy that focuses on the competitive world of snowboarding. We have glamorised it to so that all the players are on the cover of magazines, have all the interviews, and be on the television: so it is very high stakes.Dove Cameron

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As an actor, you are either emulating someone else, or some version of yourself.Dove Cameron

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'Liv and Maddie' actually started out as a different show called 'Bits and Pieces,' and it was a completely different plot, although it was the same cast.Dove Cameron

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'Barely Lethal' is a non-Disney project, and is with Samuel L. Jackson, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jessica Alba. It is a really, really phenomenal film.Dove Cameron

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When I was younger, I barely left my room because I was busy watching clips of my favorite actors and performers on the Internet.Dove Cameron

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When you're 10, 11, 12, and you're watching your idols, you feel like you know them. I found more in common with these people when they talked in interviews than I did with my classmates.Dove Cameron

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At school, I felt out of place. I was bullied. I would think, 'These kids don't like me, they don't accept me,' but I felt like in the entertainment industry, I would fit in.Dove Cameron

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I have so many peers who say, 'I need to get away from my parents,' because even though they love the business and they love their parents, they feel like they are letting their parents down if they don't work to the bone. As a parent, you should be the safe place.Dove Cameron

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I have always felt like I was just sort of waiting to catch up to the rest of myself.Dove Cameron

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It's very interesting because as an actor, you play a litany of different roles, but to play both of them within the same day multiple times, in quick successions, it's different and sort of a really rare opportunity that I was initially terrified by and a little bit daunted by.Dove Cameron

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'Liv and Maddie' is very near and dear to my heart. I'm very proud of it.Dove Cameron

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Broadway was always sort of my trajectory before I found film and television - that would be really tremendous.Dove Cameron

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I know that sounds dramatic, but shooting everything twice and going through the emotions of two different humans was crazy for me at 16. In terms of my career, that was something that really, really formed me.Dove Cameron

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My version of a good role model is everything that I have strived to become over the years, as I have a deep desire to live an honest life and give relentlessly and openly to people who look up to me.Dove Cameron

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I don't want to have to think about what is right; I want to live right. And what that means to me is going to be different to some of my fans, some of their parents, and some other role models.Dove Cameron

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I personally believe in progress. I think one of the most debilitating and harming things you can do to a child is to keep them in the dark.Dove Cameron

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I don't know that there's any rhyme or reason to bullying... it's not even the bully's fault, which is why it's such a difficult thing to combat.Dove Cameron

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It's not like you can say, 'This is the right side and this is the wrong side,' because obviously, a happy person is never going to want to inflict pain on somebody else. So the bullies are really victims themselves and yada, yada, yada, pop psychology, but it's true.Dove Cameron

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When I was a kid, I always wanted to dye my hair crazy colors.Dove Cameron

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Kristin Chenoweth had been my personal idol since I was, like, 6 or 7.Dove Cameron

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Your average teenager can't relate to a girl who casts magic spells. But she does understand someone who is torn about her upbringing and the situation in her life.Dove Cameron

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There's no one who, at some point, hasn't had the feeling their life is on the rails and they can't do anything about it.Dove Cameron

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Truthfully, I'm incredibly shy, and I'm very awkward around boys.Dove Cameron

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I'm very competitive and academic.Dove Cameron

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I honestly think what skyrocketed me into professionalism was learning how to play two people and still live through the day.Dove Cameron

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When I'm acting, I just come up with people I've known, and I stick with it.Dove Cameron

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Playing two people is definitely difficult, but it's made possible by everyone around me, and it's a big team effort.Dove Cameron

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I was from a tiny little island, which I always say is one corn field away from a horror film: it was, like, isolated, and everybody knew everybody, and you go to school with the grandkids of the grandparents that your grandparents went to school with.Dove Cameron

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