Donald Trump, Jr.

Hunting forces a person to endure, to master themselves, even to truly get to know the wild environment. Actually, along the way, hunting and fishing makes you fall in love with the natural world. This is why hunters so often give back by contributing to conservation.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I think there was a time in my life, probably in college, that I wished every guy was gay because it meant more women for me! I don't know what everyone's problem with it is. I wish everyone was gay! That's always the way I thought about it. I have no issue with it. If I have to suffer through marriage, why shouldn't they?Donald Trump, Jr.

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I give to panhandlers on occasion, especially around the holidays, but have always been involved with charity, which was an important part of the way I was brought up. My siblings and I knew early on in life that we were incredibly fortunate and have never taken that for granted, so we recognize the importance of giving back.Donald Trump, Jr.

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Look: invest in what you understand, what's foreseeably going to offer real value and returns, not necessarily what's trendy.Donald Trump, Jr.

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It's been a process of evolving within a family company to get the autonomy I now have from a boss like my father. If you're sitting there waiting for a pat on the back, you're going to be waiting a long time.Donald Trump, Jr.

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People talk, 'Oh your father's a misogynist, look what he said about women,' like, on 'Howard Stern.' When he gets with Howard Stern, who's a friend of his, he'll joke around, because it's a comedy show. He's allowed to have a personality.Donald Trump, Jr.

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When I spent time with my father, it wasn't playing ball in the back yard. I came to his office and listened to him do business or sat in on meetings. I walked job sites. On Saturday, we'd see my grandfather in Queens for a couple hours, and then he'd say, 'Let's go collect rent!'Donald Trump, Jr.

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My father's not the type of person that teaches you by saying, 'Come here, son. I'm going to tell you about real estate.' You learn by watching it. If you don't pick it up, it's your problem.Donald Trump, Jr.

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Anyone who thinks hunters are just 'bloodthirsty morons' hasn't looked into hunting. If you wait through long, cold hours in the November woods with a bow in your hands hoping a buck will show, or if you spend days walking in the African bush trailing Cape buffalo while listening to lions roar, you're sure to learn hunting isn't about killing.Donald Trump, Jr.

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When I was growing up, and other people I knew were getting into trouble, I was somewhere in a deer stand or going to bed early so I could be up before dawn to hunt turkeys. My love of the outdoors kept me solid.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I avoided the spotlight when I was a kid. I always knew, 'Hey, it wasn't me. I didn't do anything.' If there was a camera around, I hid from it.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I have no middle wardrobe. I go from the suit to jeans.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I've always been the, 'Sure, I'll try that' guy. I'm very adventurous and don't have fears. I think I got that from my mother's side because she was an Olympic skier. Jump off a mountain with a parachute? Sure. What could possibly go wrong?Donald Trump, Jr.

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I've broken probably every major bone in my body. I currently have, in my body, fifteen pins and a plate. I've broken my femur, both wrists, both ankles - my left ankle twice. My tibia. Tore my rotator cuff.Donald Trump, Jr.

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If I want to hand one of my old shotguns that I've had for 50 years to my grandkid one day, I have to go through a federal transfer? It's crazy.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I'm kind of a closet redneck.Donald Trump, Jr.

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My wife and I like to cook, so we actually prepare our own meals often and can hold our own in the kitchen.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I may be one of the last New Yorkers who actually drives in the city daily.Donald Trump, Jr.

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To me, what defines a New Yorker is the edge that one develops from having actually lived here. Once you have it, it doesn't go away, and everywhere else in the world feels like it is in slow motion.Donald Trump, Jr.

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My father is a very hardworking guy, and that's his focus in life, so I got a lot of the paternal attention that a boy wants and needs from my grandfather.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I don't know if it's genetic or just because I was surrounded by it, but I was always fascinated with building and construction and development.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I think I probably got a lot of my father's natural security or ego or whatever. I can be my own person and not have to live under his shadow. I definitely look up to him in many ways - I'd like to be more like him when it comes to business - but I think I'm such a different person, it's hard to even compare us.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I'm pretty certain that I'm the only son of a billionaire who can drive a D10 Caterpillar better than I can drive a golf cart.Donald Trump, Jr.

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What makes us unique is that we actually build things. Unlike most hotel companies who just manage and have no experience building, designing, and developing a hotel, we started off on the opposite track. We started off building. We're construction guys first and foremost.Donald Trump, Jr.

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I've spent my whole life in real estate, whether it's in our hotels or looking at the competition, and it's my curse to walk into every room and not be drawn to the flaws and have the little imperfections drive me crazy - because they didn't need to happen.Donald Trump, Jr.

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What's great about my father is that, because we've been involved in the business from such a young age, he's given us - and we've earned - autonomy, and he's given us the rope to go out and grow the brand.Donald Trump, Jr.

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