David Leitch

As a stunt guy, you become a mini-director. You're talking to actors about performance.David Leitch

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The way you present a stunt is tied in to the way you photograph it, so you're hanging out with the cinematographer.David Leitch

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You learn tricks to make action look more dynamic - having the fight come toward you or shooting on a longer lens to compress the speed.David Leitch

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While filming 'The Matrix,' we studied how a Chinese fight-choreography team trains actors before production starts so that they can participate in action sequences in a more dynamic way.David Leitch

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People have given their lives to this industry to make movies compelling.David Leitch

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Film is a collaborative art form. I don't know why you wouldn't recognize the stunt performers.David Leitch

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Stunt coordinating is a good training ground for directing because you have exposure to all the departments in film.David Leitch

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There's a lot of directing within the stunt coordinator's job.David Leitch

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