Chris Hillman

The Squirrel Barkers always have a special place in my heart.Chris Hillman

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You know what I do on Sundays? I sing in a choir. I sing in a Greek Orthodox choir, and I'm the only hillbilly tenor in the Orthodox Church.Chris Hillman

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My dad founded the 'Rancho Santa Fe Times' and won a lot of journalism awards.Chris Hillman

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I was a lucky kid. You could have got 10 kids to be in The Byrds who were better than I was.Chris Hillman

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When I was playing bluegrass, I was living down in West Hollywood - starving.Chris Hillman

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The Byrds weren't rock n' roll guys. We were kinda like your Seekers... folkies who took it a step further.Chris Hillman

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All along, I did what I was comfortable doing, which was to play the music I enjoyed and try to stretch the parameters a bit. Country and bluegrass and folk were my foundation.Chris Hillman

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Those Laurel Canyon days were great. I have a real fondness for that era, 'til about '68. Musically, it was wonderful, and there was this great innocence, an idyllic view of the world. After that, everything got a little... edgy.Chris Hillman

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I loved playing the stuff we did in the Byrds. It was a good band. I was lucky to be in it.Chris Hillman

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