Caitlin Moran

Men have made the world. And they've made a brilliant job of it. I love men. You know, men, you built Paris and you invented The Beatles, and, you know, and you've taught dogs to say 'sausages.' You know, I love your world. Thank you for it.Caitlin Moran

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My parents were hippies. I'm the eldest of eight children.Caitlin Moran

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I can honestly say that my abortion was one of the least difficult decisions of my life. I'm not being flippant when I say it took me longer to decide what worktops to have in the kitchen than whether I was prepared to spend the rest of my life being responsible for a further human being.Caitlin Moran

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Telly never has any smart, amusing intellectuals living on a council estate.Caitlin Moran

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I don't think that women being seen as inferior is a prejudice based on male hatred of women. When you look at history, it's a prejudice based on simple fact.Caitlin Moran

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I'm so glad I spent 10 years being sad and lonely.Caitlin Moran

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If every woman who's had an abortion took tomorrow off in protest, America would grind to a halt. And that would be symbolic: because women grind to a halt if they are not in control of their fertility.Caitlin Moran

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Feminism, as it stands, well... stands. It has ground to a halt.Caitlin Moran

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I wrote my first book at eight, all of four pages. At 10, I did a 40-page story. At 12, I wrote two stage plays.Caitlin Moran

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Feminism means something - legislation, cultural change - but 'Girl Power' meant nothing more than being friends with your friends.Caitlin Moran

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What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy, and smug they might be.Caitlin Moran

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I remember, around age three, peas growing in the back garden. Pinching them from their pods and popping them in the mouth was my first realisation that food came from somewhere other than a shelf.Caitlin Moran

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Watching 'Girls' has just given me renewed courage.Caitlin Moran

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You can be socially accepted and tell the truth about what it is to be a woman.Caitlin Moran

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The revolution doesn't always look perfect.Caitlin Moran

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The word 'spinster' tells you everything you need to know about our attitude of women who choose not to marry.Caitlin Moran

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Simultaneously, my two biggest heroes are Susan Sontag and Morticia Addams from 'The Addams Family.'Caitlin Moran

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I can't live in a world where there are only, like, four kinds of women. Or where every woman is obsessed with cake. The very least I ask is that we have one female character in the world who likes savory things! I don't have any role models who like cheese!Caitlin Moran

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I think that instead of feminism being a political thing, it should be an act of creativity. It's more of a rock n' roll thing.Caitlin Moran

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Most women I know love the idea of fashion, but the practicalities that go with it are just distressing.Caitlin Moran

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I hate that tabloid idea of anybody who is famous having to forfeit their privacy.Caitlin Moran

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I know people go on about Twitter, but it is amazing. It's whatever you want it to be, and all the women got in there before the boys.Caitlin Moran

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Our world is afflicted by poverty. Don't spend all this money on clothes!Caitlin Moran

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I once went into a meeting, and every woman put her a million-pound bag on the table. Then I'm there with my tote bag and anorak. And I'm like, well, I'm still the most important person in the room right now.Caitlin Moran

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I'm quite British; I've got big, flat feet, and I can't wear heels. I've got very, very pale Celtic skin, so my legs are always a frightening blue color. So when you take out clothes that reveal your legs, shoes that have any kind of heel, no shop will actually take my money.Caitlin Moran

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It used to be if you wanted something nice to wear, you would sew it yourself for your body type. Women before the 20th century didn't have this problem. Now, it seems we're all squeezed into random designs. They're designed for no one.Caitlin Moran

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I think there are brilliant jokes to be made about abortion, and we should be able to talk about this in the way that we make jokes about death - you should be able to make jokes about everything.Caitlin Moran

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Every woman who chooses - joyfully, thoughtfully, calmly, of their own free will and desire - not to have a child does womankind a massive favour in the long term.Caitlin Moran

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I loved Riot Grrl. Not only was it a punk rock revolution, but it meant you could get dressed for a night out for less than two pounds!Caitlin Moran

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Twitter means all my friends are in my computer. All my ideas are in my computer. I can do whatever I want in there; I'm kind of... bionic.Caitlin Moran

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