Asa Hutchinson

You're never too old to start learning, and you're never too young to aim high and achieve great things.Asa Hutchinson

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As we learned after President Herbert Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley tariff at the outset of the Great Depression, vibrant international trade is a key component to economic recovery; hindering trade is a recipe for disaster.Asa Hutchinson

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My responsibility is to speak out on my own convictions.Asa Hutchinson

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We recognize that it is not only inbound but also outbound (cargo) that can pose a risk as well.Asa Hutchinson

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We measure very carefully what the positives are and I think it is less than one tenth of one percent, so we are very pleased with the accuracy of our biometric checks and we continue to monitor that.Asa Hutchinson

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We would certainly welcome the recipient nation to put their inspectors on our shores, if they wanted to make that investment to help protect that shipment that is outgoing.Asa Hutchinson

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You can expect interior enforcement actions in the future.Asa Hutchinson

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The true credit for our safety and security goes to our men and women who are serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan in the global war on terrorism.Asa Hutchinson

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Well firstly, that points certainly at the need for international standards on biometrics that would move in the same direction so that we can have the same technical requirements.Asa Hutchinson

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In reference to Cat Stevens, it is very, very important we have accurate information on our terrorist watch list and our no fly list and that you have a remedy.Asa Hutchinson

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Well, your premise is correct, that we have to first guard against those who have an affiliation with terrorists and a connection, and so we have watch lists and systems that can make that connection.Asa Hutchinson

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But as you said, there are going to be those that have no record and cannot be detected in that capacity so that is why you have to have other layers of security.Asa Hutchinson

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Terrorists can utilize any vulnerability in the system and that would include outbound shipments.Asa Hutchinson

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I believe Timothy McVeigh getting the death penalty for his heinous act of killing over a hundred in Oklahoma City, that could very well deter others that might want to enter into that similar conduct.Asa Hutchinson

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I think in some instances that the death penalty is required.Asa Hutchinson

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Being from the heartland of America, I do not think one should have to go to Washington to seek justice.Asa Hutchinson

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As we approached our work, my colleagues and I looked to the U.S. Constitution for guidance. It states, 'No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.' No person, no exceptions.Asa Hutchinson

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To argue that it is unconstitutional for local law enforcement to be a legitimate partner in immigration enforcement is shortsighted. It is evidence of a lack of commitment to securing our borders and a lack of appreciation for the proper role of the states in supporting federal law enforcement priorities.Asa Hutchinson

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To suggest that immigration is the exclusive domain of the federal government, disallowing partnerships with local law enforcement, defies the will of Congress, not to mention reality. Numerous local jurisdictions have laws on the books dealing with immigration in a variety of ways.Asa Hutchinson

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Historically, there is a presumption that the legitimate police powers of the states are not to be pre-empted by federal law unless Congress has made that purpose clear.Asa Hutchinson

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Proper training and federal supervision in state-federal partnerships are essential to both assuring constitutional rights and enforcing our immigration laws. Our Founding Fathers' concept of federalism does not prohibit such cooperation, and we have learned from experience that joint efforts work best.Asa Hutchinson

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During my years of services in the government, I have spent a great deal of time studying and managing the spectrum of threats to our borders as well as the diverse ways in which those threats are moved across the border.Asa Hutchinson

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When I was involved in the initial creation of the Department of Homeland Security, we were given a clear twofold mission. The first part of the mission was to secure our borders. The second was to maintain the free and efficient flow of commerce and people.Asa Hutchinson

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It is not a crime nor an impeachable offense to engage in inappropriate personal conduct; nor is it a crime to obstruct or conceal an embarrassing relationship.Asa Hutchinson

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The phrase 'private option' itself has become politically toxic.Asa Hutchinson

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It's almost impossible to have a constructive conversation about health-care reform in Arkansas without passions rising and folks taking sides.Asa Hutchinson

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There's been intelligence that terrorists would look to programs such as the visa waiver program to exploit.Asa Hutchinson

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When you talk about mandatory minimums, it created a lot of unfairness in our sentencing.Asa Hutchinson

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Whether you're looking at manufacturing and the use of robotics or the knowledge industries, they need computer programmers.Asa Hutchinson

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I'm old-fashioned that way. I don't believe you turn the president down.Asa Hutchinson

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