Alan Ball

When I go home, the last thing I want to do is read about the popular lore of vampires.Alan Ball

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I believe forgiveness is possible for everybody, for everything, but I'm a Buddhist.Alan Ball

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I'm aware of 'Twilight,' but I've never seen the movies or read any of the books. Frankly, the story leaves me cold - why do a vampire story about abstinence?Alan Ball

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I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.Alan Ball

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It's hard for me to get interested in stories that ignore death, which is what American marketing culture would like to do: pretend that death doesn't exist, that you can buy immortality; just buy these products, and you'll be forever young and happy.Alan Ball

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I'm not saying that being gay is what defines me, but at the same time, if you feel like you have to hide it, then it becomes what defines you. You keep it hidden, and the secret becomes you.Alan Ball

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There are times when I am directing, and there are a couple of moments I didn't get the way I wanted, but I know I still have other angles to shoot and I have to be done by noon; I move on.Alan Ball

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I'm a huge freak, and always have been. I spent the first part of my life trying really desperately not to be one, and it was just a waste of time.Alan Ball

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Most of us live in artificial environments and then we go to work in artificial environments and the world becomes something that you see through a window.Alan Ball

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I think there's a lot of interesting stuff on TV. I feel much more optimistic about TV than I do about movies. There will always be good movies but I think, for the most part, it's always going to be a huge fight to get those movies made. TV is the best place to be as a writer, I think.Alan Ball

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I definitely see the good in people. Certainly in my own life I strive to be somebody who is functional and well adjusted and can face conflict in a non-emotional and non-destructive way, and those are the people I try to surround myself with in my life. But as characters, they bore me.Alan Ball

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I will say that the environment I grew up in was not the most progressive.Alan Ball

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Television viewing has become for me a completely different experience, because I don't watch shows on a weekly basis. I wait until the DVD or I TiVo everything and wait until the end of a season and watch it all over a weekend. For me that's a really satisfying experience, like reading a book.Alan Ball

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I think all writers are armchair psychologists to some degree or another, and I think a character's sexuality is fascinating. It's a great way to really get at the root of their identity, because it's such a personal thing.Alan Ball

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I'm not like J.K. Rowling, where I know there's going to be this number of seasons, and I know exactly what's going to happen. I would be so bored if that was the case. There would be no journey. There would be nothing to discover.Alan Ball

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I'm from the South, so while I personally find it impossible to live there, I still have a fondness for it as a geographical region.Alan Ball

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Happy relationships are boring. We all want them in our own life. But I don't want to watch them on TV.Alan Ball

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Somebody asked me, 'Why do people like vampires so much?' This was right after Obama had been elected and I said, 'Because we just spent eight years being sucked dry by one.'Alan Ball

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My own belief is that people can come back from anything. It doesn't mean that it won't come at a huge cost.Alan Ball

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Well, here's the thing with relationships on 'True Blood': Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.Alan Ball

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As a writer, it's fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it's a really great job, but that's what it is - a job.Alan Ball

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Death showed up in my life very early on, so I'm aware of it. If you look at most of the things I write there's a sort of contemplation of mortality - although 'True Blood' doesn't fall into that. Even though there's such a ridiculously high body count!Alan Ball

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I'd seen 'Interview with A Vampire' and saw Dracula movies growing up, but I never thought, 'I love vampires; I have to do a show about vampires.'Alan Ball

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I think the world is a place for oddballs and freaks. I'm only interested in oddballs and freaks as characters.Alan Ball

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You cannot hold a child accountable to the same standards that you hold an adult accountable to.Alan Ball

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I'm used to American actors who have a movie career thinking television acting is beneath them.Alan Ball

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Racism is ridiculous no matter where it's coming from.Alan Ball

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I was conveniently bisexual for a long time, and then I went, 'Come on, who am I kidding?' And I have to say, it was the single biggest step I took toward emotional well-being, to stop feeling like I had to hide who I am.Alan Ball

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Beauty is in the strangest places. A piece of garbage floating in the wind. And that beauty exists in America. It exists everywhere. You have to develop an eye for it and be able to see it.Alan Ball

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I think sexuality is a window into someone's soul.Alan Ball

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