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Welcome to www.quotepub.com - a comprehensive Collection of Famous Quotations.

We love quotes too! Many of them are inspiring and teaching us! Many are not!

You may find quotes that are against accumulating knowledge because we become "second hand" people. And partially is true! The secret is not memorizing them to rule our life (we should not act like robots), the secret is to use them as an insight – the only way to change our brain cells is a serious insight! The real purpose is to wipe out our ignorance (in a sense: I don't know what I don't know).

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.

Why knowledge may be dangerous?

Let's say that your name is "John Doe".

Imagine that your whole memory is deleted (your childhood, everything).
Your brain is now empty! What's left? Pure unaltered life, isn't it?
You don't even recognize a chair because you have no memory/ideas/concepts/etc.
Now let's put your memory back! You are again "John Doe"!

So who are you?
If you say "I am John Doe", means that your brain is going back to your memory to find your name.
In fact, your name is a label of your entire history, a label given by your parents.
So "John Doe" is the past, the whole memory!

So who are you, in this very moment?
You see, in fact we are nobody! When you say "I am John Doe", you are actually identified with your past!
We are not that past! The past is gone, dead – nothing but memory!
This very moment is all we have, our life is unfolding in the present!

We are conditioned, unfortunately, so our memory is very important because our thoughts are memory!
Our thoughts are telling us "I'm John Doe" and this is proof that we are driven by our thoughts because we are identified with them without realising this fact! The problem is not our name, the problem is everything else because is the same vicious circle! There is no such thing "unconditioned thought"! When we imagine/predict the future, our brain is doing this trick step by step:
1. tought from the past
2. tought modified in the present
3. tought projected as future

Doesn't matter how different looks the "projected future" to us, is always (with no exception) conditioned by the past. Is nothing new, is never new! Thoughts are always fragmented! So that's why our life is not transformed as we expect.

10 seconds test
1. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and count your thoughts.
2. Close again your eyes for 30 seconds and try to stop your thoughts.
See? We believe that we think! Thoughts are arising uncontrolled from nowhere! We can't even find "the thinker" because it does not exist! Is only thinking! In fact, that endless automatically thinking is ruling our life every minute because we identify with our thoughts! When we choose, we don't really choose – one of those thoughts are choosing for us because we identify with one of them, with the strongest one (sad but true: is an illusion). Our thoughts are like magnets and we don't realize because we assume "I think"! In fact, the strongest thought is the most conditioned one so we identify with it believeing that is our real choice!

So quotes can strengthen some of our conditioning when not used wisely (as an insight)!
Better to not use/read them at all if the purpose is to look/become smarter or clever!
Is important to observe our mind/reactions when we read something that resonate with us.

By observing our thoughts every minute (observing without evaluating "bad or good"), our brain become still/silent over time. The trick is to use attention instead of concentration because attention use no energy. Concentration is actually another thought saying "I must watch other thoughts" so needs a lot of energy.

That's why knowledge may be dangerous!
Knowledge in itself is neutral!
The problem is our brain being cought in a network of words killing our daily life with thoughts! We identify with those thoughts without realising and we are basically living in an illusion!

Some people feels smarter by memorizing a quote – a dangerous illusion/belief (strengthening an illusory self image)!
Please always observe your mind, observe any feeling and stay with it till the end! Self Observation is everything!

• Using quotes as insight, the brain is able to change the old thinking – brain cells are changed.
• A still mind is pure intelligence using instant perception! Thought is memory resonse, not intelligence!• Always question everything you read, everything you know! Always! Everything!

Observer is the Observed

By simply observing/watching any feeling you have (without naming it and/or evaluating "bad or good" and staying with that feeling till is gone, without running away, like is part of you, not something separate - because it's not, you are that feeling), will tranform your life! Observation using attention, is able to wipe out what you are watching! Only few people on earth will tell you this!

Start with anger – do it few times until you succeed (observe the anger rising/flowering and dissapearing)! By doing it, the root of anger is disolved and you'll never be angry again! You'll realize that you suddenly raise your voice but there is no feeling at all!

Always observe your thoughts! Identifying with your passing thoughts, means "losing control"!

Use attention instead concentration! Attention has no center, is boundless and use no energy!
Concentration is useful to drill a hole!

Always in Control!